ROCKRIX True 8 Gauge Complete Review +(Alternative)

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See our comparison of the top car amplifier wiring kits right away. Deciding between the many options available is never simple. Like ROCKRIX True 8, there are an unfathomable number of models available on the market, each priced differently. You’ll also find that the greatest car amplifier wiring kits aren’t usually the most expensive ones. The comparison is rich and relevant because of the several factors employed.

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We suggest you Complete 3000W Gravity 4 Car Amplifier Wiring to help you find the greatest quality/price ratio among the hundreds of goods available. You will find products featured in this ranking based on their pricing, features, and feedback from other consumers. Explore our category comparisons as well. You won’t need to pick products at random anymore.

ROCKRIX True 8 Gauge Complete:

61F2JxB6 oL. AC SL1001


  • True Spec CCA(Copper Clad Aluminum)
  • 100% OFC(Oxygen Free Copper) 17ft RCA Cable
  • Power Wire with Black Nylon Mesh Braiding

A complete amp wiring kit allows you access to the required cables and accessories without costing much money. The Rockrix 8 Gauge Complete Amp Wiring Kit won’t break the bank and gives you almost everything you need to connect your amp to your automobile.

All the cabling, fuses, connections, and even plastic zip ties you’ll need are included in this reasonably priced kit. It has automotive-grade PVC-coated copper-clad aluminum ground and power wires 17 feet and 3 feet long. Along with all the terminals you need, there is a 20-foot speaker wire, a 17-foot remote turn-on wire, a 17-foot RCA cable with a dual injection connector, and a 20-foot speaker cable.

An added feature of this affordable kit is that the power cord is nylon mesh braided. The flexibility, strength, and heat resistance of the wire are improved. As a result, you ensure that your wiring will continue functioning as intended for a very long period. Good wire quality and nice coating. Manually installing the fuse may be inconvenient, but you can master it with practice.

  • Includes power wires and firm, pliable ground
  • The braided mesh guards against deterioration of the wires.
  • Terminals, fuses, and even zip ties are included.
  • An Allen wrench is missing from the kit, which you'll need for installation.
    Wire copper is aluminum made to look like copper.

Testing process:

We used this to put four champs in a 2007 Corolla for testing. The quality of each component exceeded my expectations for a kit at this pricing point—wire of good quality and attractive coating. You must install the fuse manually, which might be annoying but is manageable with practice.

ROCKRIX True 8 Gauge 1

Product Comparison:

ROCKRIX True 8 has the braided mesh guards against deterioration of the wires. This kit also includes power wires and firm, pliable ground. Complete 3000W Gravity 4 has(Walmart) High Quality Thick 17 Feet FT 4 Gauge GA Power Cable Premium 3 Feet 4 Gauge Ground Cable / Inline ANL Fuse Holder & 200A Fuse Included! ROCKRIX True 8 is good and recommended because it has super quality of terminals and fuses.

Final Words:

The wire’s outer jacket is more than thick enough for the majority of constricting spaces. The power wire is long enough to wrap around my car and back. There is no little conductor and a quarter-inch of insulation; the wire is an 8 gauge. The ground could be a little longer than three feet; that’s the only thing I wish. But I suppose that this is the norm. The kit is nearly excellent overall, especially considering the pricing. I wholeheartedly endorse this kit and hope that the details I offer will aid future buyers in making wise choices!

Relevant Questions

How many watts will 8 gauge wires carry?

The 8 AWG copper wire can transport anything from 480 watts (12V circuit) to 9600 watts depending on the voltage (240V circuit). The 8 AWG aluminum wire has a 40A ampacity under the same circumstances. In light of the NEC’s 80 percent guideline, an 8 AWG aluminum wire can carry up to 32 amps of electricity.

Do I need a capacitor for my amp?

A cap does not truly improve the sound; it merely delays under-voltage effects. It assists the amplifier by providing it with the brief bursts of power it requires. So, while not immediately enhancing sound quality, a cap does facilitate the amp’s best performance.

How far can you run 8 gauge wire for 30 amps?

You would require a line that can handle at least 45 amps for a 30 amp service located 100 feet away. The #8 AWG wire, fortunately, has a 50A ampacity. The #8 AWG wire can be used for a sub panel that is 50 feet, 100 feet, or even 150 feet distant.

What size wire do I need for 5000 watts?

If it is 5000W, you can use a 30A breaker and 10 gauge wires.

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