Rockville RBG18FA 18 Full Review

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Big subwoofers are always better. Consider purchasing a Rockville RBG18FA 18 if you want a speaker that can move a lot of air, generate the lowest and deepest bass imaginable, and provide a listening experience that makes your bones vibrate. These speakers produce massive levels of sound that can be heard from a few blocks away, making them the best in the world in terms of power and depth.

To assist you in selecting the best Rockville RBG18FA 18 Subwoofer for your needs, we’ve compiled a list of available models. An 18-inch subwoofer is not necessary or desired by everyone.

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Although 18-inch subs have unmatched power, they use a lot of energy and take up a lot of room. These enormous speakers are too much for most folks who only wish to improve the sound quality of their current audio system.

However, many individuals are ready to give up room and energy usage to experience the intensely powerful bass that an 18-inch subwoofer can only provide. I looked for the subwoofers that produced the most powerful bass and attained the greatest power ratings when compiling this list to fulfill this promise.

Rockville RBG18FA 18

61+fTIJnroL. AC SL1250


  • 750 Watts RMS
  • Signal input LED indicator
  • Circuit With LED indicator

The Rockville RBG18FA 18-inch Folded Horn Subwoofer is a great mid-range option if you need power yet lack the funds to purchase expensive equipment. It’s still very strong. This DJ subwoofer uses a special folded-horn technology that acts as a physical amplifier and moves energy from the back of the speaker to the front. This gives the bass more power and punch.

The Rockville RBG18FA isn’t too expensive. It costs a small fraction of what subwoofers that are much more expensive do, but it has good power ratings and works well. You don’t need to invest a million in cutting-edge folder horn technology to create that loud sound. This subwoofer can also play at very low frequencies so that you won’t lose any of the depth of your music.

The RBG18FA is made from high-quality materials that make it reliable and durable. This subwoofer is pretty heavy, but its solid wood enclosure makes it very durable, which is important for high-power applications.

The RBG18FA is a subwoofer with a foldable horn, an internal heat sink, and a variable-speed cooling fan that doesn’t automatically turn on. This is to keep the heat from getting too high during long performances.

The main problem with this mid-range subwoofer is how hard it is to tune to get a balanced sound. Even though it might upset DJs who mix different types of music, this compromise is worth it because of what this sub has to offer. This subwoofer is heavy but has strong wheels that make it easier to move.

  • Excellent value
  • Very effective
  • A built-in heat sink and cooling fans that run on their own
  • Wooden enclosure
  • A lot of changes need to be made to the mixer.
  • Hugely hefty

Editors Rating

4.2 out of 5 Stars


I’ve worked with the Mackie SWA1801z Subwoofers (the design that inspired the Rockville RBG18FA). When they first came out, the Mackie subs had a high price tag, but when paired with top speakers through the high-pass outputs, they sounded AMAZING. I’ve used this system for a lot of shows over the years.

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Product Comparison

Rockville RBG18FA 18 subwoofer has A built-in heat sink and cooling fans that run on their own and a wooden enclosure. Rockville PBG18 2000 Watts Peak Power 4″ KSV voice coil 100 oz woofer magnet Vented Enclosure for Improved Bass Response; Rockville RBG18FA 18 Subwoofer has a super quality that is why suggested.


This sub is good. It’s a great choice if, like my band, you need something that works and doesn’t cost too much. I can’t push it hard enough to make it overheat, but the sound is clear, and the box doesn’t seem to be shaking yet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Rockville-powered subs any good?

Rockville subs are good, yes. They have good bass and are inexpensive. Rockville is a great choice if you want a good subwoofer.

Are Rockville car speakers good?

They sounded great and were pretty easy to put in my factory location. One of mine seems to have a blown coil, and Rockville is working on replacing that one. I think I will also order my rear speakers from them. These speakers are great!

Where is Rockville made?

Rockville is in Inwood, in the U.S. state of New York.

Is Rockville a good amplifier?

OP, Rockville is a good brand to start with. You’re right, it seems like their amps do their rated power, or at least close to it, and they do it cleanly. I like the RDX-T2 amp that they sell. I haven’t heard anyone gush about their products, but their K9 series subs seem to be fine if a little is more focused on SPL.

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