sfc /scannow windows xp without cd (2 Working methods)

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Here is all information about sfc /scannow windows xp without cd. Changes to the system configuration, faulty drivers, other malware, and viruses can prevent Windows XP SP3 from booting. The Recovery Console, a command prompt that users can use to recover the system, is included on the Windows XP SP3 CD.

sfc scannow windows xp without cd

The Windows CD is no longer included with systems from major computer makers, but some copy the setup files to the hard drive. Users can run Machine File Checker (SFC) on the system if the setup files are elsewhere on the disc. It’s possible that the computer can still launch System Restore in Safe Mode even if the manufacturer didn’t include any configuration files.

SFC /scannow windows XP without cd:

System File Checker is abbreviated as SFC or SFC.exe. Starting with Windows 98, the Microsoft Windows operating system includes a tool that lets you check for and fix system file corruption. The SFC program is supported by Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10. To use this program, you must be logged in as an Administrator.

System File Checker:


Launch Windows XP. Activate your administrator account. Press “Start.” Press “Search.”


Select all files and folders in the left pane of the settings menu. In the “All or part of the file name” field, enter “i386.”


Local Hard Drives (C 🙂 should be selected in the drop-down menu. Next to “More advanced options,” click the arrow.


Verify the boxes next to “Search subfolders,” “Search hidden files and folders,” and “Search system folders.” To search your hard drive for the Windows XP SP3 CD system files, click “Search.” Review the outcomes, and if the “i386” folder is discovered, note its location.


Press “Start.” Press “Run.” In the dialogue box, enter “SFC /scannow.” Press “OK.” Any faulty or missing system files will be found and replaced by Windows XP SP3.


If the “Insert CD” pop-up” displays,” click “OK.” In the dialogue box, type the location of the i386 folder. Click “Enter.”

Safe Mode with System Restore:


Restart your computer. Hold the “F8” key or repeatedly tap to see Windows Advanced Options.


Emphasize “Safe Mode.” To launch a lightweight version of XP SP3, press “Enter.”


Press “Start.” Then, select “All Programs.” “Accessories” is indicated. Please indicate “System Tools.” Then select “System Restore.”


You should select “Restore my computer to a previous time. Press “Next” From the list; pick the most recent restoration point.


Press Next Verify your decision. Press “Next Windows XP SP3 will perform a self-restoration to the specified point.

How can I fix a damaged copy of Windows XP?

  • From the Recovery Console, fix the Windows installation
  • Start Windows XP using the default installation CD (not a Network Install CD).
  • Press R to use the Recovery Console to fix Windows at the initial setup screen.
  • Enter the number of the Windows installation that you want to repair, followed by Enter.

How can I make SFC Scannow run?

  • Press Windows + X to launch a shortcut from the desktop.
  • Choose Command Prompt (Admin) from the menu.
  • Click Yes when the User Account Control (UAC) prompt appears.
  • SFC /scannow should be entered into the command prompt window.

Do I Need A CD To Install Windows XP?

Start the USB tool. choosing the USB drive choosing the checkbox Make a dos startup disk, check the box for the location of the DOS system files, and then choose the destination folder from where you extracted the DOS files. Now, copy the installation files from the Win XP Download Center. Service Pack 2 for Windows XP.


In a nutshell all about sfc /scannow windows xp without cd: SFC/scannow is practically pointless, in our opinion. It is feasible to produce a bootable XP installation CD with SP3 incorporated using the slipstream method. And yes, you can use this with a PC running SP3 before running SFC/scannow.

But it’s unlikely to be of any assistance to you! If you spend enough time on this topic, you will see that many well-intentioned individuals (often so-called Microsoft Support Engineers!) advise users to run SFC. But almost always, the advice is incorrect.

Even if someone can find out how to navigate all the obstacles and make it work, the issue the user is experiencing is probably not resolved. Presuming you’re a curious kind of person.

The SP levels must coincide with running SFC/scannow. Therefore, you better have a Windows XP installation CD at the SP3 level if you have Windows XP installed on your hard drive and it has been updated to the SP3 level, and you want to run SFC. To copy the i386 folder from that CD to a particular location on your hard drive, alter a registry setting (often C:i386).

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