SmallRig Sun Hood Sun Shade (Full Review)

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Using your laptop outside might be difficult when you’re out in the field. Glare is especially problematic for laptops with shiny screen surfaces. You can use SmallRig Sun Hood Sun Shade to protect your machine.

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If possible, choose a computer with a matte screen surface, but if you don’t have access to one, you can reduce glare by using your computer differently or by adding accessories. The Ultra-Slim iLooker-23E can also save your LCD from the sun.

SmallRig Sun Hood Sun Shade

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  • Great Viewing Experience
  • Easy To Use
  • High Customization
  • Mounting Option

The SmallRig Sunhood for Canon EOS R3/EOS R5/R5 C Camera 3673 is made to cut down on reflections when used outside in bright light. Its four-sided hood makes it easy to see the screen when taking pictures from different angles.

It has a microfiber layer that gives good shade and cuts down on how much light reflects. Its outside is strong leather that can’t be scratched and won’t fade in the sun. It has a hook-and-loop closure and can be folded flat, so it’s easy to carry and store. It also fits right on the camera screen or slides into it.

The Smallrig hood is comfortable and makes it easier to see the screen when the sun is right in front. If you leave it on, your a6000 will take up much more space in your camera bag because it is so long. As a real estate appraiser in Florida, I only take pictures of houses in direct sunlight through the screen, not through the viewfinder.

This laptop hood makes it easier to frame and look at pictures. The leather grip I bought makes it worse on the bottom edge, but only by a few millimeters. Since the grip sticks out from the camera’s base, it keeps the screen from sitting flat.

But moving the screen away from the camera body lets you use some buttons, like Fn and Play/Review, and makes the camera less hot. If it wasn’t clear, the hood makes it impossible to use the viewfinder. There are pros and cons to everything. But the Velcro straps make it easy to put on and take off whenever necessary.

This hood is a lifesaver when the room is too bright, and there are too many reflections on the screen to see well. When it’s not needed, it’s easy to take off and fits snugly back onto the frame. Since I have a SmallRig cage for my 4K, the two attachment arms are helpful; I can use this hood either way.

  • Canon EOS R3 and R5/R5 C sunshade
  • Screen shading and reducing reflections
  • Hook-and-loop slide-in mount
  • Inside edges raised to prevent twisting
  • A little expensive

Star Rating

4.6 out of 5 Stars


Even when I cover my laptop with its hood, I can still see the LCD screen because it is shaded. It’s easy to put on and take off, and it feels pretty safe when it’s on my A6600. I think it should work with any of the Sony A6xx cameras. The hood’s material won’t hurt the screen, and it folds flat, so it’s easy to move and store.

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Products Comparison

SmallRig Sun Hood Sun Shade It can work with SMALLRIG Cage 2203, CVB2255 for BMPCC 4K & 6K. If you have held a SMALLRIG cage for BMPCC 4K & 6K, you can attach SmallRig VH2299 via a 1/4 screw. 

23&24-inch Ultra-Slim iLooker-23E Professional Monitor Hood is customized for your 23inch & 24inch Ultra-Slim Frame monitor. SmallRig Sun Hood Sun Shade is ideal because No more worry about the privacy of the leak on the display or display light disturbing others’ rest in the evening.

Final Verdict

You can also use add-ons to fix problems with glare on your laptop screen. Taping a piece of cardboard to the front edge of your screen, so it hangs out like a hood can be a good solution, even if it doesn’t look good.

You can also buy a SmallRig Laptop hood that you can put over your screen to block the light that’s being reflected, which reduces glare. Some of these Hoods also make it harder to see your screen from the side, which helps protect your privacy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reduce the reflection on my laptop screen?

Sit where it’s cool. Glare happens when light hits your laptop’s screen and bounces off. Moving to a shaded area can help reduce the amount of light that causes glare. Boost the brightness of the screen. If you can’t get rid of the glare, you might be able to cover it up with noise. Wear glasses with polarized lenses. Look at the attachments.

How can I see my laptop outside?

Wear a baseball cap, a cowboy hat, or another type of hat with a brim and pull it down low over your eyes. Wear glasses with polarized lenses. Get a screen for your laptop that cuts down on glare. Get a sun shade for your laptop.

How can I keep my laptop cool in the sun?

How to Keep Your Laptop Cool When It’s Hot Outside Buy a laptop cooling pad. Work where it’s cool. Don’t put your laptop in your lap. Work in a place with air conditioning. Make sure your fans are working right by using diagnostic software. Clean out the vents. When you’re done with your computer, could you turn it off? Are you sick of your laptop?

How can I see my laptop screen in the sun?

Even when it’s bright outside, shade makes your laptop’s screen much easier to see. If you can’t find a place with shade, like a porch, awning, umbrella, tree, or building, turn your back to the sun so that your shadow falls over your laptop screen.

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