TECH SHADE TO GO (Full Deep Review)

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I will review TECH SHADE TO GO today. People naturally want to take advantage of the sunshine while it lasts because the UK experiences so little of it. For those that work from home, which numbers millions this looks like the ideal time to set up shop in the backyard with your computer for the day.


Another excellent choice for protecting a laptop is the Philbert Design Sun Shade. However, many laptops aren’t made to be used outside. While the device can quickly overheat, you’ll likely have trouble seeing what’s on the screen in direct sunshine. With these suggestions, you may make sure your time outside is more fruitful than frustrating.


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  • Lightweight And Portable
  • Includes Convenient Carrying Case
  • Velcro Side Openings
  • Comfortably Fits All Laptop Sizes

A portable, lightweight, and collapsible sunshade for electronic devices (laptops, tablets, and smartphones) offers privacy, reduces screen glare, and prevents the gadgets from overheating due to direct sunlight. It can hold any laptop up to a 19-inch screen. When fully extended, the laptop sunshade has approx. 18.5″ length, 18.5″ width, and 19.5″ height.

The included carrying case makes transporting and storing your laptop sunshade easy. The case is compatible with most laptop bags, book bags, purses, and briefcases (9″ Diameter, 1″ Thickness).

External devices (things used with computers, such as memory sticks, hard drives, mice, keyboards, and the like) can be tethered, charged, and connected through the Velcro side perforations. As a bonus, you can use the camera on your smartphone to make high-quality portable scans of documents.

This laptop case has served me well so far. Tossing it into my work bag doesn’t feel like a burden because of its great price, sturdy build, and small size. I want to add to my wardrobe. Therefore, I’m crossing my fingers for more color options.

It hasn’t given me any trouble, despite being used constantly for several hours at work. Since the exterior is black, sitting in the sun for an extended period can make you feel warm, but it never becomes dangerous. Considering how lightweight it is, I imagine that heat is dispersed rapidly.

The roomy interior provides a comfortable work environment and enough room for typing, thus eliminating screen glare. Natural airflow can circulate the laptop, which is a major plus. So, yes, I do recommend this product wholeheartedly.

  • Ideally suited for laptops
  • Slender and easily portable
  • Suitable for outdoor work
  • No Cons

Star Rating

4 out of 5 Stars


For astrophotography, I use this laptop hood. My imaging session and the people surrounding me wouldn’t be as effective without the privacy cover blocking the light from my laptop. It’s little, doesn’t take up a lot of space in my bag, and is simple to set up and pack away.


Best of all, it keeps my gear dry during late-night imaging sessions by acting as a dew shield. Water pools on top of the cover can be quickly dried the following day Amazing quality.

Product Comparison

TECH SHADE TO GO is a Lightweight, Portable, and Collapsible Sun Shade for protecting your tech devices (Laptops, Tablets & Smart Phones). Offers privacy, reduces screen glare, and protects your tech devices from overheating due to direct sunlight.

Philbert Design Sun Shade The Laptop Sun and Privacy Shade from Philbert Design is the lightweight, portable, laptop shade that incorporates a flexible design that accommodates both Mac and PC laptops but TECH SHADE TO GO is suggested because ideally suited for laptops.

To Sum Up

Since you can’t see your screen outside, you can’t work. Further, TECH SHADE TO GO The material for the laptop hood is of very high caliber. Many goods that collapse are built with rippable materials which let the metal start to show. This has a lot of backing. It creates the perfect environment for outdoor work.

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