Vatalyst Laptop Sun Shade Review (Pros + Cons)

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Theoretically, a little awning is all you need to protect your laptop’s screen from the sun Right? A little short study led me to the hood and the tent as the two primary types. The latter is more of a freestanding structure in that you put all your gear within, while the former extends like an overhang from the back of the laptop’s lid.

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You can buy Vatalyst Laptop Sun Shade to cover your laptop. A smart solution for protecting your laptop is a laptop tent sun shade. (Although, when looking for this kind of thing, you’re also likely to come across a ton of magnetic, click-on privacy screens, I’ve found them make it harder to read in direct sunlight.)

Vatalyst Laptop Sun Shade

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  • Comfortably Fits Laptops
  • Reduces Sun Glare
  • Additional Pockets
  • Compact and Folds Easily

A unique laptop sun shield, available on the purchasing page, can dramatically revolutionize your experience working from home while being outside. It contains additional compartments and slots for wires, smartphones, and other equipment to help you stay incredibly organized. It is appropriate for laptops and tablets up to 15 inches.

There is also a pullover head cover attachment for rainy days or if you want to use your device in a public area with wifi while maintaining some privacy so that others can’t see what you’re working on. With a Catalyst Laptop Shade, you can work outside in private and with less eye strain and glare from your laptop.

If you often work outside, travel for work, or want to escape your office cubicle to work in a park, on the beach, or on your sunny deck, you know that sun glare is your biggest problem. This lightweight laptop sun protection shields your computer from the sun so you can use it outside.

This folding outdoor laptop hood shade is the best way for professionals who work from home or outside to block the sun’s glare. Get fresh air, get out of your typical 9-to-5 office, and do better work without glare or eyestrain.

If you work from home, laptop shades are great for you. When things are going well, you want to leave work. You use a laptop or tablet to do regular tasks outside. Since you work in public, you would like to have some privacy. With this Catalyst laptop sun shade, you can make working outside as comfortable as possible.

Vatalyst wants to help you get the most out of your workspace, whether you work from home or outside. Vatalyst wants to help you get the most out of your workspace, whether you work from home or outside. It helps protect the screen.

  • Not very heavy
  • Not too big when folded
  • The bottom side is reinforced so it won't overheat.
  • It's tall.

Star Rating

4.1 out of 5 Stars


I’ve used the sun shade on the balcony, pool, and the beach. For me to work in, it has opened up a completely new world. Great color Compatible with my 15-inch MacBook Pro. It has a lot of useful pockets where I can put my phone, earphones, etc. I also really like the rain cover that comes with it. The color is the only thing I don’t like about it.

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I think it should have been white or gray, or the back could have been made reflective to reflect sunlight better. I put a photography reflector in front of my laptop to cut down on the heat it makes in direct sunlight. But overall, it’s a good buy and folds up well.

Product Comparison

Vatalyst Laptop Sun Shade is Comfortable Fits Laptops and Tablets up To 15 Inches, Reduces Sun glares. laptop tent sun shade for use on the table, reclined chair, or lounger. Vatalyst Laptop Sun Shade is highly recommended because it’s not very heavy.

To Conclude

A great laptop cover is the Vatalyst Laptop Sun Shade. It conveniently folds away into its transportable carrying bag when you’re through. Almost like a miniature version of those beach tents that come up! Reviewers are happy.

One says, “Great shade! It offered me space to work and shielded the glare Lightweight and simple to transport. I’ve put the sunshade to good use on the balcony, by the pool, and at the beach. It has given me access to a completely new field of endeavor.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I stop my laptop glare in the sun?

Although it may not be appealing, taping a piece of cardboard to the front edge of your screen to make it hang out like a hood can be a great solution. Additionally, you may buy films you can use to cover your screen to reduce reflected light and lessen glare.

How can I tan with my laptop?

Increase and adjust the brightness settings. You’ll be competent to see the screen more clearly by turning up the monitor’s brightness, especially when working in bright sunshine.

Is it OK to keep the laptop in sunlight?

Direct sunshine (UV radiation) can also harm screens, especially older LCD screens, and heat-related damage. Long exposure should be avoided, although brief exposure is OK. Additionally, screens’ glare from sunshine might strain your eyes more.

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