What Did The Three Fingers Do To Me Elden Ring? Answered

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Do you want to get details of What Did The Three Fingers Do To Me Elden Ring? Elden Ring’s Frenzied Flame split from the Greater Will because it thought the Greater Will had made a mistake, even though they were previously a member of the One Great, and they are now trying to put everything back together again.

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As a result, the Two Fingers and Three Fingers were divided and no longer formed a single hand. As a result, the Greater Will and Frenzied Flame are now included on the Elden Ring list of individuals or concepts that stand for opposing viewpoints while constituting a whole.

What Did The Three Fingers Do To Me Elden Ring?

A lowly Tarnished can become the Lord of Frenzied Flame thanks to the Three Fingers of Elden Ring, yet such power can also turn allies into adversaries. The Tarnished in Elden Ring will have to decide whether to support the Three Fingers for the Lord of Frenzied Flame’s conclusion.

There are various ways to ascend to Elden Lord’s throne, and each of these will impact how the Tarnished rule the Lands Between once they have conquered Radagon. However, the Three Fingers’ route bears the signs of Madness, Frenzied Flame, and Destruction.

The Three Fingers act as the Two Fingers’ opposing force. The Three Fingers are, therefore, agents of chaos that contain the power of the Frenzied Flame because the latter of these phalanges are representatives of the Golden Order and the Greater Will.

It is unknown precisely who the Outer God has this flame, but it is known that they wish to end the world to make up for all the wrongs the Greater Will perpetrated in Elden Ring. By allowing the Three Fingers to grasp them, igniting the Erdtree with the Frenzied Flame, and evolving into the Lord of the Frenzy Flame after obtaining the Elden Ring, the Tarnished can participate in this operation as agents.

There are many reasons one might legitimately think about supporting the Three Fingers, even though succumbing to the extinction of all life may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Siding with the Three Fingers is one of the only practical ways to resolve the issues in the game world.

Because the world of Elden Ring was thrown into chaos due to the Greater Will’s improper treatment of the Lands Between. Being Elden Ring’s Lord of Frenzied Flame has numerous positive effects on the plot and the gameplay, as well as some drawbacks.

Advantages Of Embracing Elden Ring’s Three Fingers

Players will have the option to spare Melina, which is the main advantage of accepting the Three Fingers. Players can find Shabriri in the Mountaintops of the Giants, which some think is a human equivalent of the Frenzied Flame.

Although Shabriri is a well-known liar, she uses the fact that joining the Three Fingers will safeguard Melina as leverage when trying to persuade the Tarnished to do so. Melina won’t be a sacrifice for the Tarnished’s goal if players go to the Three Fingers first before letting her gift herself as kindling.

Players will have access to one of the Lord of Frenzied Flame endings depending on when they accepted the Three Fingers. While some people may not relish the idea of burning the planet, both ends are among the best (or most well-liked) Elden Ring endings.

There are additional benefits to supporting the Three Fingers. The Three Fingers award players with Hyetta as a Finger Maiden in addition to the aesthetic scars they leave on the Tarnished’s flesh. As a result, the Tarnished can only acquire a maiden through the Three Fingers.

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NPCs that resemble Finger Maidens but do not fulfill this role can be found in various quest lines: Fia is Godwyn’s Deathbed Maiden, Ranni is a god, and Melina only pretends to be a finger maiden in Elden Ring; none of them are real finger maidens.

The Tarnished siding with Elden Ring’s Three Fingers will grant players access to the Frenzied Flame Seal in terms of gaming advantages. The Frenzied Flame Seal, which Hyetta gave to the Tarnished after becoming the Lord of Frenzied Flame, interestingly improves Frenzied Flame Incantations.

The seal “scales incantations employing strength, intelligence, dexterity, and faith all at once,” according to its description. Players who did not invest points in Faith can now utilize Frenzied Flame Incantations thanks to the Frenzied Flame Seal. This is highly potent because these Incantations cause Madness, which is a condition that causes significant damage to life and FP, stuns enemies, and prevents them from performing spells.

Disadvantages Of Embracing Elden Ring’s Three Fingers

Saving Melina is one of the Three Fingers’ most significant advantages, but it’s also one of its worst. Melina prefers to act as kindling than watch the Tarnished ascend to the position of Lord of Frenzied Flame and wants to burn Eritrea.

Melina swears to track out the Tarnished for betraying her and siding with the Three Fingers if she survives. Since players will utilize the Frenzied Flame to obliterate the entire universe to preserve one life, keeping Melina only for saving her is, therefore, a net negative.

In addition, players will need to finish Millicent’s quest line if they feel they sided with the Three Fingers inadvertently after learning of the Lord of Frenzied Flame ending. Although Millicent’s quest line isn’t very problematic, it does result in a battle with Melania, the most demanding boss in Elden Ring.

Players are required to do this since Miquella’s Needle must be retrieved using Millicent’s Unalloyed Gold Needle on the Scarlet Aeonia Melania she transforms into after being defeated. In addition, to employ Miquella’s Needle to release themselves from the Three Fingers’ hold, players must enter Lord Placidusax’s arena.

This time-consuming and challenging process makes it seem pretty futile to embrace the Three Fingers, even if it is only to spare Melina (without performing the Lord of Frenzied Flame ending).

Last but not least, not all players may truly benefit from the Three Fingers’ advantages in terms of gameplay. Boosted Frenzied Flame Incantations might be ineffective because many Elden Ring supporters prefer to stick to using physical weapons or even sorcery. Additionally, unlike players, NPCs are less susceptible to madness buildup.

Because they won’t be any more effective against bosses than other boosted spells or melee weapons, the Three Fingers offer almost little benefit to the numerous Tarnished who do not employ Elden Ring’s PvP and invasion systems.

In the end, the Three Fingers offer players an intriguing, though evil, option for resolving the issues in the Lands Between. However, even if starting over by destroying the entire world may seem like a straightforward answer, the Tarnished as Elden Lord have alternative options.

The fact that many of the Elden Ring characters can continue to exist after the game’s conclusion makes up for the fact that these other avenues do not offer powerful incantations and seals to improve them.

Final Summary

Regression is the tug of meaning; that all things seek to converge eternally is how the Law of Regression Incantation is described. This is consistent with both Hyetta’s remarks and the conclusion of Lord of Frenzied Flame.

The Three Fingers are located underground, unlike the Two Fingers, which are found at the peak of Divine Towers. With bright veins flowing through its thumb, index finger, and middle finger, it may grab the Tarnished and leave burnt fingerprints on its skin.

This confines the Tarnished to the Lord of Frenzied Flame Ending unless the Tarnished obtains and uses Miquella’s Needle from Melania in Elden Ring, where the wish of the Frenzied Flame is satisfied and the Lands Between are burned away. I hope you understand the topic What Did The Three Fingers Do To Me Elden Ring?

It is not surprising that once the One Great began to split, the Frenzied Flame separated from the Greater Will because it held conflicting ideas with those of the Greater Will. When these Outer Gods split off and why they both decided to use half of a hand as their means of contact with the Lands Between are not fully explained by Elden Ring.

While it might have been a simply symbolic decision to highlight the relationship between the antagonist Greater Will and Frenzied Flame, it might also have a deeper narrative significance that players are still in the dark about. Possibly more recently than it might appear, the Two Fingers and Three Fingers parted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Elden Ring, what did the three fingers do?

The Three Fingers NPC in Elden Ring is not available for interaction. The Tarnished are wrapped in the Three Fingers to give them the might of the Frenzied Flame only in a cutscene. Before entering the space, Melina makes her appearance and warns the Tarnished about the Three Fingers.

How is a three-finger Elden Ring negated?

Use Miquella’s Needle in the Dragonlord Placidusax arena whenever you’re ready to undo the Frenzied Flame ending. You can then access any other ends for which you’ve met the conditions and be freed from the branding of the Three Fingers.

If you use Miquella’s Needle, does Melina come back?

While doing so will prevent Melina from offering herself as a sacrifice, it also forces you to use the Lord of Frenzied Flame ending. But doing so will be reversed by using Miquella’s Needle. However, to use this item, you must go to a hidden place in Crumbling Farum Azula, the same area where you battle Dragonlord Placidusax.

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