What DXC Technology Stands For? Quick Deep Explanation

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I hope after reading this article you get all information about What DXC Technology Stands For? DXC doesn’t stand for anything. When the firm name was announced, an FAQ that was provided to staff members stated: “DXC is not an abbreviation. Our objective to guide clients through their digital transformation journeys is referenced in the moniker DXC.

What DXC Technology Stands For?

Since the world is becoming more digital, the focus of driving business has switched from traditional IT & IT support services to Digital Era, and thus to market that image moniker DXC was preserved; as stated in numerous TownHalls, DXC doesn’t have any expansion of its own. Thanks to this, everyone, from clients to users to workers, gets the impression that they are a part of the digital transformation journey.

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Executives from DXC list three strategic initiatives that they believe will guide their company through 2020, beginning with a focus on helping businesses turn into digital enterprises by fusing DXC’s services with those of its vendor partners. In its last two fiscal years, CSC reportedly spent $500 million on digital offerings, and it also made “massive” investments in suppliers, including Dell, Microsoft, HPE, and Amazon Web Services.

The second aim is to invest in and develop the “next generation” talent of the business, with a stronger emphasis on the abilities to deliver digital transformation projects from both within the business and from outside contractors.

Finally, DXC wants to achieve “stable” revenue growth, with annual targets of 1 to 4 percent, “sustainable” margin expansion that will enable it to invest in its digital offerings and assets, and a “disciplined” capital allocation strategy that will enable it to reinvest in the company and generate a 30% return for shareholders.

Should I Stay Away From DXC Technology?

This message is for everyone presently employed by DXC or intending to do so. Let me note that working for this company is preferable to being unemployed. I left my former company after two years and recently joined DXC. I just moved jobs because DXC offered a great hike, and wanted more hiking time. I thus accepted the offer.

No organization is free of politics, but it all depends on the type of politics and how much a worker can stand it. First, DXC has a policy whereby they hire employees, fire them after only a month, and then claim they were unhappy with their performance, even though this is untrue.

Should I Stay Away From DXC Technology 1

When I first learned about this, I initially believed it to be a rumor. However, this was proven factual by my manager, the seniors on my team, and TL. Additionally, there are no raises or promotions.

I’ll now discuss the cheap politics. I had only been working for a month and a half, and there wasn’t much to do. Simple bug patches, which anyone can complete with little to no effort, were all I was working on over those few days.

My team’s seniors called me out of the blue to inform me that no one was pleased with my performance and that I might be let go soon. At this point, I began to fear because there wasn’t much work, and I was giving everything I had, so I started looking for jobs.

I was selective about the firms I interviewed with since I didn’t want something similar to happen again. To my surprise, I received a solid offer from a reputable company shortly after I put down my papers. All of a sudden, nobody wants to say goodbye to me. My manager finally accepted my resignation after much persuasion.

Next, what just happened to me is so absurd! While they spend the entire time in the cafeteria and are mostly seniors who assign assignments to the team, all my team members dump all their work on me. I agree that you shouldn’t just sit around doing nothing after you put the papers down.

But surely there must be some restrictions? So I did what I could and put off the other work until the next day. In response, my seniors created a scene, humiliated me in front of the entire office, and yelled at me, accusing me of failing to complete any tasks given to me while I was working my tail off to put down my papers (and even after they had previously threatened to fire me for their dissatisfaction with my work).

My manager agreed with them, labeling me a “drama queen,” an unreliable person, and someone who had gained weight just because of an offer. I thus requested immediate leave because it was obvious that we were all dissatisfied with my presence there. He responded that they needed a replacement and that until then, I should listen to and concur with what my superiors say. At this point, I snapped.

I consequently ceased performing all of the tasks. I only went to work every day and began to pass the time; they fired me before I could serve my two months’ notice because they claimed I had made no contributions to the team during my brief time at DXC.

I hope this won’t affect me negatively in my new job or later on in my career. At DXC, these incidents were frequent, and nobody felt comfortable or pleased there. You can argue that no place offers complete job security.

However, no business recruits workers (for what reason is unknown when there aren’t enough projects) and then fires them (again, god knows why) this is a terrible place to work, to put it simply. Your career doesn’t advance, you don’t receive a raise or promotion, and you have no work stability. So please DON’T WORK WITH DXC!

Is DXC Owned By Hewlett Packard?

No, but a lot of HP stockholders own DXC stock. Let me describe what happened to justify my reasoning and address a few minor errors in the other responses. Hewlett Packard was divided into two companies in 2015: HP Inc. and HP Enterprise (HPE).

While HPE was the enterprise business selling data center technology and services, HP was the consumer business selling PCs, printers, and other end-user devices. Shares of HP Inc. and HPE were distributed to shareholders of the original HP. Enterprise Services is a segment of HPE at this time, including the former EDS business (bought in 2009) and HP’s modest outsourcing venture.

What DXC Technology Stands For

The Enterprise Services division of HPE was spun off into a separate company in 2017 due to the combination of the Enterprise Services division and Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC). However, this spin-off had little to no software (mainly only a few specialized telecoms programs), and HPE kept its ability to provide support, advisory, and professional services.

Owners of HPE shares were given shares in the newly formed DXC. People who initially had Hewlett Packard shares eventually held a portion of DXC; however, HPE does not own DXC. In the end, HPE sold most of its software division to Microfocus in 2018. Again, those who owned HPE shares at the time also received Microfocus shares.


On April 3, 2017, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company (HPE) split off its Enterprise Services division and merged it with Computer Sciences Corporation, creating DXC Technology (CSC). [4] DXC Technology was founded with $25 billion in revenue, 170,000 employees, and operations in 70 nations.

[5] Two components of the Enterprise Services segment were excluded from the split from Hewlett Packard Enterprise: the Communications and Media Solutions product group and the Mphasis Limited reporting unit. I hope you get my point related to What DXC Technology Stands For? 

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of organization is DXC Technology?

We are an IT services company leveraging technology to improve the lives of our clients, employees, communities, and the environment.

Is DXC a good company?

3.9 out of 5 stars to DXC Technology by employees in 6.8k reviews on AmbitionBox. Work-Life Balance at DXC Technology is renowned and is recognized as the best, with a score of 3.9. Salary & Benefits, however, is rated the lowest (3.3) and might be improved.

What do you know about DXC interview questions?

General inquiries such as “Tell me about yourself,” “What are your strengths and limitations,” “Why do you think you are fit for this role?” etc., were asked of candidates. The remaining questions were primarily technical, focusing on OOPS, Ds and Algo, and technologies and projects listed in the résumé

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