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Irina Elden Ring is one of the many NPCs you will meet in the game, but regrettably, her plot has her dying in the midst of the game. Can you save her? Many people want to know if she can be saved. Read this article to learn more about What Happens If Irina Dies Elden Ring?

While there are numerous intriguing questlines in the newest RPG from FromSoftware, many of them are enigmatic and mysterious. You never quite know what to do next, how to set off the proper chain of events, or why a specific action led to a particular outcome.

What Happens If Irina Dies Elden Ring

One questline, in particular, is perplexing players since, no matter how it is completed, the exact product appears to occur mysteriously and without explanation. After all, we’re here to explain who killed Irina in Elden Ring.

What Happens If Irina Dies Elden Ring?

Irina’s death is a necessary part of the quest line, which is sad. This story doesn’t end well, like most of Elden Ring’s quests and almost all quest lines in Soulsborne games.

Can You Prevent Irina’s Death?

Irina’s passing sadly forms the entirety of the quest arc. This narrative doesn’t have a happy ending, just like most of Elden Ring’s quests (and consequently, practically all quest lines in Soulsborne games).

As soon as you deliver Edgar the letter, Leonine Misbegotten will murder Irina, and Edgar won’t be satisfied until he kills Leonine Misbegotten to avenge her death. His craziness results from his desire to exact revenge on his daughter, and he attacks the Tarnished out of desperation because he believes they are to blame for Irina’s passing.

No matter how you mix the steps in the quest layout above, saving Irina will always require you to kill Leonine Misbegotten and completely ignore her goal path. Thankfully, her role is relatively minimal, so her absence won’t be intensely felt. If you decide to forego this quest path, you will lose access to some powerful weapons.

Irina’s Elden Ring Quest Guide

Elden Ring is an open-world game, so you may have never met Irina, even after spending hundreds of hours with it. However, locating Irina and completing her quest line will immensely benefit gamers. Irina can be found here so that you can help her with her mission:

  1. Irina is on the Weeping Peninsula, beyond the Bridge of Sacrifice. She is perched next to a lamp post beside a rock.
  2. Talk to Irina till she runs out of things to say. Irina will then give the player Irina’s Letter as a result.
  3. Continue southward, but keep an eye out for the Archer Golem, who fires Great Arrows from a distance.
  4. To approach Castle Morne, located at the bottom of the map, defeat the Archer Golem or go past it.
  5. Go to the elevator after activating the Site of Grace.
  6. After passing the hounds and the Pumpkin Head across the yard, stay on the left side of the path. The Claymore, a strong Greatsword for the early game, is to the right, but you’ll have to risk facing up against a horde of Misbegotten.
  7. After passing the Pumpkin Head, climb the ramparts using a ladder. You’ll have to battle a horde of Misbegottens, roughly four of them, at the ramparts. Use a shield to defend against melee attackers, and use protection to deflect arrows from soaring attackers. The flying Misbegotten can swoop down and use a grab attack to nab you to the ground, so be aware of them.
  8. A ladder lies at the end of the ramparts to your left after passing the four Misbegotten.
  9. Battle through yet another group of Misbegotten that are battling a few soldiers.
  10. Beyond these, ascend a further flight of stairs to discover Edgar, Irina’s father, alone on a bench.
  11. When prompted, hand the letter to Edgar.
  12. In Castle Morne, locate and defeat the Leonine Misbegotten. The boss drops the Grafted Blade Greatsword.
  13. Return to the location where you first encountered Irina. Edgar will be there to grieve for her after she passes away. Talk to Edgar to advance the plot.

Find Edgar’s Invader in Liurnia in the Revenger’s Shack. The Banished Knight’s Halberd will drop if you defeat the Invader.

Who Killed Irina In Elden Ring?

You will run into a character named Irina on the Weeping Peninsula Side, just beyond the Bridge of Sacrifice. She can be identified by her peculiar appearance, which includes a ribbon covering her eyes and a blood-stained garment. Irina’s questline is focused on getting a message to her father, and she alerts the Tarnished about a rebellion in Castle Morne.

Regardless matter how you go, Irina is discovered lying dead with her father close by after her desire is granted. Sadly, everything here is a part of the quest line. Although it isn’t apparent who killed Irina, Leonine Misbegotten the wild humanoid you were supposed to have killed earlier as part of the quest is hinted at.

What Happens If Irina Dies Elden Ring 1

Unfortunately, killing Leonine Misbegotten to avenge Irina’s death does not satisfy Edgar. In his rage, he assaults the Tarnished, believing that they are to blame for Irina’s passing. Although it seems like a bug, she still passes away if you murder Leonine Misbegotten before sending Edgar Irina’s letter. For this reason, we previously said that while it is strongly indicated that Leonine killed Irina, we can’t be positive.

Can You Save Irina?

Inconceivably, Irina could be spared. As was previously established, her death occurs regardless of the player’s decision regarding the sequence in which the questline events occur. Avoid Irina and Leonine Misbegotten if you want to save her. Of course, this disadvantage is that you will miss the respectable weapons and gear linked to the quest line.

Rewards For The Irina Questline

Irina’s questline offers a few rewards, all of which have already been described. The primary ones are the Grafted Blade Greatsword, +8 Banished Halberd, and Shabriri Grape, which her father drops when killed.

The Grafted Blade Greatsword is a mighty legendary colossal sword (and a reference to Game of Thrones, based on how it resembles a weaponized version of the Iron Throne), requiring extremely high Strength to use yet scaling to Strength quite well. It might be a good choice if you’re planning a complete muscle build since its particular skill, Oath of Vengeance, momentarily increases all of the user’s attribute stats by 5.

To Sum Up

Early on in the game, Irina passes away. But What Happens If Irina Dies Elden Ring? There is, therefore, not much information available about Irina. She does, however, look to resemble Hyetta, to the extent that Hyetta is frequently regarded as the second iteration of Irina.

The Finger maiden won’t be adding much to the narrative either. Therefore, it’s possible that the concept of eliminating her is still being discussed. It’s best to hold off on making snap decisions in this situation as we still don’t know what killed Irina.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you, Elden Ring, keep Irina alive?

Irina, Can You Be Saved? Irina cannot be saved in any manner. As previously established, she still perishes regardless of how the questline’s steps are ordered.

Elden Ring, why is Irina dead?

It’s very likely that the wandering misguided foes came across Irina and slaughtered her there. The bloodied Iron Cleaver found next to Irina’s body is how we know who killed her a misbegotten. One of the preferred weapons of the misbegotten is an Iron Cleaver.

Should you deliver Irina’s letter?

You must deliver the letter to him for the Irina questline of the Elden Ring to proceed. Edgar will let you know that he can’t go just yet since he needs to prevent the fabled sword of Mourn from leaving the castle after you deliver Irina’s letter.

Is it possible to save Irina’s life?

There is no way to save Irina other than by totally ignoring her quest path and without murdering the Leonine Misbegotten, regardless of how you arrange the steps you take in the quest outline above. Thankfully, she plays a minor part overall, making the impact of her passing virtually insignificant.

Elden Ring, where did Irina go?

The location of Irina. Go to Limgrave’s southernmost tip, the Weeping Peninsula. After passing over the Bridge of Sacrifice, please turn on the grace site to the right of the route, then follow it south until you come upon her seated next to a low wall on your left.

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