What is a service handler in chrome? (Experts Answered)

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This article will assist you all about what is a service handler in chrome? When visiting specific websites, users of Google Chrome have reported seeing a diamond-shaped button next to the star that serves as a bookmark. The notice “This website wants to install a Service Handler” appears while the cursor is over the button.

What is a service handler in Chrome?

A service handler is a small piece of code that responds to a service request. If you have the appropriate service handler installed, the request in your situation would be a link that opens a new email in Gmail. You have three options: ignore, approve, or reject the request.

service handler in chrome

What Does the Message Mean?

You’ve probably observed that some links lead to a few websites and that those websites also offer programs that can be used to access those connections. This indicates that the same link can be opened in the browser and the application. When a link is clicked in Google Chrome, you can configure the browser’s settings to launch the related program.

A “Handler” is the name of the program that will be utilized, and protocols are the links that can be used to launch a certain application. Therefore, the notification advises setting up the program to launch as a “Handler” each time the link is clicked. By doing this, the link will automatically open in the program rather than in the browser.

This procedure may be seen in action when the “Malito” or “Webcal” links are used to access the computer’s installed email client or to add an event to the calendar, respectively. The diamond button gives you three sets of alternatives when you click on it: “Use (Application Name),” “Ignore,” and “No.” Depending on your needs, you can modify these parameters.

What Is A Service Handler?

You could notice an icon in the shape of a double diamond at the end of the address bar (Omni bar) while using Chrome to access Google Mail or the calendar. The “Protocol Service Handler” icon on the page indicates that a service handler is something the website wishes to install. Specific URLs can be linked to open programs on your system on an HTML page. These links will open the appropriate program when you click them.

What Is A Service Handler

What is this page that wants to install a service handler message?

Some links on a page can launch specific programs when you open the page. These links, which go by the name of logs, run programs called handlers. For instance, handlers are used by web services like Google Calendar and Gmail.

What is this page that wants to install a service handler message

A tiny box with the choices Use, No, and Ignore will appear when you click the button. The default setting is Ignore. The Privacy area of the Chrome settings will open up if you click on Manage handler settings. It is necessary to note that the notification “this website wishes to install a service handler” can be disregarded. Your computer and your privacy are not in danger.

Can I Change Default Service Handlers?

The Mail app is configured as the default mail service handler when you first install it. You might wish to switch to Chrome instead. Alternately, you might want to make the switch. Here I’ll explain how to modify the standard service handlers if you’re stuck using one of the mail services. To alter the pre-configured service handlers:

  • Open settings by pressing Windows
  • 2. Choose Apps.
  • 3. Choose Default apps in the left pane.
  • 4. Find Email in the right pane. Just click it.
  • 5. A list of suitable applications will be displayed. Choose Chrome from this menu.


As a result what is a service handler in chrome, Although Chrome only recently added this feature, it is nevertheless a commonly utilized tool that makes it easier to use in daily life. If configured properly, service handlers significantly shorten the time required for various tasks by launching the appropriate application instead of an annoying, undesired service. Now you know what to do if the notification “This page wants to install a service handler” appears. Please leave a comment if you have any further questions or information.

People Also Ask

What is a webpage service handler?

Service handlers frequently offer practical features to deal with certain protocols, and they are by default enabled in Chrome. Through the Chrome settings menu, you may either disable or enable them again: On the browser’s toolbar, choose the Chrome menu.

Where is the service handler in Google Chrome?

Look for the Protocol Handler icon in the top right area. This appears to be a star-shaped grey diamond located to the left of a star used for bookmarking. When you click the diamond, the Protocol Handler menu will appear on your screen.

Do service workers run when the browser is closed?

Because the service worker can only deliver push notifications once my browser is open, if it were actively working in the background, it might have sent notifications even after the browser was closed.

What is a service worker used for?

Specialized JavaScript components called service workers serve as intermediaries between web browsers and servers. They want to increase dependability and enhance page performance by enabling offline access.

What is a service handler API?

The programs that process a service request are known as service handlers. The service handler will carry out the business logic for handling the request and producing the client response.

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