What To Do After Beating Mohg, Lord Of Blood? Expert Guide

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Do you want to know What To Do After Beating Mohg, Lord Of Blood? One of the most challenging and demanding bosses in the Elden Ring universe is Mohg, Lord of Blood. Mohd, who should not be confused with Mohg the Omen, is one of the Shardbearers and possesses extraordinary strength due to his focus on blood magic.

In addition to dealing with him, entering his domain requires running into several other adversaries. Mohd may be found at the Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum’s Mohgwyn Palace. You cannot, however, drive there and enter the palace. It would help if you instead crossed off a few of the list’s conditions.

What To Do After Beating Mohg, Lord Of Blood?

You will receive the Remembrance of the Blood Lord, 420000 Runes, and Mohg’s Great Rune as rewards for conquering Mohg, Lord of Blood.

What To Do After Beating Mohg, Lord Of Blood 2

You must first finish White-Faced Varré’s quest. Varré will be waiting for you at the Rose Church in Liurnia, south of the Academy of Raya Lucaria. He will give you a list of chores to accomplish after conversing with you.

Utilizing Festering Bloody Finger to invade three players is the first job. Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to locate some rag and dip it into the Maiden’s blood. Once you have finished, return to Varré and join his order.

Varré will then take a finger from you and return it. The Pureblood Knight’s Medal will then be given to you, which you can find in your inventory and use to get around the Mohgwyn Palace.

Go to the Dynasty Mausoleum Entrance site of grace now and ascend the stairs. You’ll encounter many attacks from Putrid Corpses and a Gore Pile when you first arrive. Take the stairs to the left, where a Blood Spirit is guarding an Isolated Merchant, and then avoid, jump over, and continue.

Next, turn right, continue forward, and down another flight of stairs to the right. This will be the Dynasty Mausoleum’s midpoint location of grace and the egress from the Mausoleum itself. Now proceed immediately to the combat area.

Mohd, Lord Of Blood Boss Fight Guide

One of Elden Ring’s toughest optional bosses is Mohg, Lord of Blood. Before you even reach his second phase, which is significantly more powerful, he already possesses numerous bleed-inflicting spells, powerful and far-reaching physical assaults, blended magic and physical damage, and massive physical attacks.

You’ll need a strong 100% physical block shield and excellent defense to get ready. A few defensive talismans to consider include the Pearldrake and Dragoncrest Shield talismans. This stage of the fight will be familiar to you if you faced Mohg in the Subterranean Shunning Grounds, but if not, here is a quick refresher:

  • He will eventually see a minor explosion if he scratches the area before him. To avoid the damage, wait for a beat, dodge, and roll backward. The explosion will be larger but concentrated precisely in front of him if he extends his arm from behind to charge the spell, making it simple to dodge and hit him multiple times.
  • He will call a magic rune above him, reach inside it, and swiftly launch a wave of blood at you if you are well beyond melee range. You can avoid this by simply rolling in the direction the blood is flying.
  • He will call out his blood rain if he inserts his hand into that same magic rune and holds it there for a moment or two. While you can counteract this strike with one or two blows from behind, you must retreat once the blood begins to fall to avoid being trapped in the damaged cone.
  • Make sure you don’t punish or guard counter until Mohg’s melee combos end since almost all of them consist of three hits. When he takes the spear out of the ground, the ground stab gains a second hitbox, so you need to be even more alert.
  • The attacks that are the most penalized are the overhead slam and forward thrust. Rolling into him just as the weapon strikes will allow you to avoid both of these, giving you a few hits before he follows up.

Mohd will throw his spear into the air and perform a diagonal slash after receiving damage that causes him to lose 15–25% of his health. This can be avoided by simply strafing to his offhand side or behind. Even if you evade this hit, your character will develop a blood ring around them.

Until you have three rings on you, he will repeat this every time he loses 15% to 20% of his health. He will now trigger the rings, inflicting three instances of extremely harmful bleeding that cure Mohd. In order to live, you essentially need to gulp flasks in between attacks of blood. Prepare yourself for phase two against the recently revived Moh

d after that.

The more damage you provide in phase one, the less health he has to start with in phase two, giving you more time to phase this horrific opponent. This is true even if you lack the damage or execution to kill Mohg in phase one. Mohd develops wings, his attacks become even more bleed- and magic-damaging, and he begins incorporating new attacks (of course, Mohg’s Shackle no longer stuns him) in phase two.

His basic moveset is largely unchanged, except his melee swings now hurl blood that deals additional damage, and he prefers to fly when performing spells. If you are utilizing a shield, you must take the wear and watch your health between his combos. Establishing distance and healing when necessary will be difficult because he looks a little more unrelenting here.

The ground stab now comes with a bigger and even more violent explosion, so use all means required to flee. Additionally, the thrust attack now features a second instance of damage where Mohg spins the spear to spew blood.

It will be challenging to defeat Mohg because he is a boss you encounter later in the game. Mohd, Lord of Blood, should be played between 90 and 100. There are a few areas of weakness for the Mohg Lord of Blood as well. It is vulnerable to bleeding, physical harm, and attacks from gravity magic. Make sure you have attacks and spells ready that target Mohg Lord’s weaknesses.

First, we advise you to stun the boss with Mohg’s Shackle to block his blows. This is a short-term fix to stop the wave of assaults temporarily. Then, take advantage of the opportunity to unleash your most damaging combinations and attacks on the boss.

Attacks And Reversals By Mohg, Lord Of Blood

Mohd, Lord of Blood, is capable of several destructive assaults. There will be two phases to the boss battle. He will assault you differently in each step. He will mostly use the “Blood Claw” attack in the opening phase, which involves slashing the surroundings and unleashing a trail of blood at you. It will explode upon contact with you, dealing extremely significant damage. To defend against it, be careful to roll out of the attack area.

What To Do After Beating Mohg, Lord Of Blood 1

Mohd will charge at you on several occasions during the battle immediately after utilizing the Blood Claw attack. If you spot him getting ready to launch, roll to the side to get out of his way and avoid getting hit by the charge attack.

He will also launch a rift during the opening phase, which will cause a blood storm. Then he will swing his sword at you or use the Blood Claw again. Get as far away from him as possible and keep your distance until the sequence is over to counter this one. The second part of the war will begin when Mohg counts down in Spanish, “3, 2, 1,” at a predetermined time in the fight. Throughout the countdown, he will unleash three separate curses throughout the arena.

If a curse afflicted you, use the Purifying Crystal Tear to reverse its effects before moving on to the second stage of the battle. He will use a ritual attack to begin the second phase that will drain your health and restore his. This assault cannot be escaped. However, take a Flask of Wondrous Physick to negate its effects. This will negate the ceremony’s impact and the Purifying Crystal Tear we used previously.

After the ceremony, Mohg will begin to float, spray you with blood, and then lunge at you. He will inflict extremely significant damage if he hits you. Roll away just as he begins to dive toward you to break up this sequence. He will then utilize his black wings to fly up and plunge at you with his trident as his final strike. It would help if you rolled into him to counteract this assault.


Now you know What To Do After Beating Mohg, Lord Of Blood? Overall, it’s a difficult battle, but one that can be made easier with the appropriate strategy. Never stay too long in his melee range since you can get caught in his flurry of melee attacks and perish from accidental bleed damage.

Instead, flee and wait for his slower attacks to land to provide slow-moving harm (funny enough, you will notice Bleed weapons work well on him). You will receive the Remembrance of the Blood Lord and Mohg’s Great Rune if you defeat Mohd.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mohg, Lord of Blood optional?

Mohd, Lord of Blood, is an excellent illustration of an optional boss that is well worth the effort because he’s hard to discover and even harder to defeat. Even while you have the option to ignore him entirely, battling this infernal ruler might be rather appealing, especially given what he drops when you beat him.

After MOGH, what do you do?

You will acquire Mohg, Lord of Blood’s Great Rune if you defeat him. Reading the item’s description should be your first step after purchasing it. The Divine Tower of East Altus, located beyond the large bridge from Leyndell’s eastern ward, is mentioned in the description.

What rank should I have before taking on Mohg, Lord of Blood?

While getting to Mohgwyn Palace isn’t very difficult, getting inside is a challenge, so be ready before going in. Before attempting to take on this section and boss, we advise having between Levels 95 and 100.

What is a weakness of Mohg The Omen?

The boss is most vulnerable to all forms of Physical Damage out of all affinities and types of damage. This supports a melee class that will rely on physical damage as their primary method of harming. It would be better to have fire damage negation because the boss deals blood and fire damage.

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