Where Are The Caves In Medieval Dynasty? (Quick Read)

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This is the response to your query Where Are The Caves In Medieval Dynasty? The lower portion of the map contains one Cave. It can be found in the southwest of Gostovia or the far northwestern Hornica. In Hornica’s eastern region, there is another cave. Another one can be found towards Lesnica’s southeast.

Where Are The Caves In Medieval Dynasty 1

Where Are The Caves In Medieval Dynasty?

While the fourth Cave could be spotted in Branica and Baranica’s northern region, finally, the northern region of Jezerica is where the fifth Cave is located. Keep checking back for more Medieval Dynasty navigational aid articles and game instructions!

Where Are The Caves In Medieval Dynasty 2

How To Get Iron In Medieval Dynasty?

Iron-seeking gamers who thoroughly explore the Medieval Dynasty Caves may become perplexed. Due to the Iron’s deep subterranean location, constructing a Mine at the Cave’s entrance is the only method to access it.

By doing so, a lower level will become accessible where you can mine Iron and use torches to illuminate the Cave inside, making it much simpler to mine. Additionally, you can appoint residents of your communities to work in the mine.

Where To Find Medieval Dynasty Caves?

There are altogether a total of five Medieval Dynasty Caves. As you might anticipate, you won’t locate these Caves in the middle of nowhere; instead, you’ll typically find them near mountains or on the side of cliffs. Consult the map below to locate the caverns; they are close to Braniica, Lesnica, Jezerica, and Hornica, with one Cave roughly in the game world’s center.

Even if you discover a cave, you won’t be able to do any crafting until you have unlocked the Smithy or other structures that can utilize Copper, Tin, and Iron. Before looking for a Cave, make sure you have started creating your town and are familiar with the fundamentals of the game.

Where To Find Medieval Dynasty Caves

One other word of warning: Bears may be present in caves because they are located in mountainous locations. Don’t underestimate bears because they are among the game’s hardest adversaries. If possible, attempt to find a safer cave before engaging one of these massive animals.

Cave Locations

There are a total of five caverns that you can mine in. These caverns are dispersed over the entire map and are frequently challenging to access. The directions to each Cave listed in the image above are provided below. The highlighted routes indicate the possible route, while the numbers indicate the locations of the caves.

  • To the north of Branica, this Cave is easily accessible. North of Branica, till you reach the mountainous region, is where you’ll locate this Cave. When you reach the foot of the mountains, turn east and keep going until you reach the entrance.
  • This Cave will be directly off the road leading from Gostovia to Hornica. You will reach the entrance of this Cave if you follow the route marked in the above picture.
  • This Cave, like the second, is situated just beside the path.
  • This Cave can be found not far from Legnica. Exit the town and go south until you reach a crossroads to get to this location. Turning to the right will take you to this Cave.
  • The final Cave is the fifth one, located east of Hornica. By leaving Hornica and traveling east around the lake, you can reach this Cave. There won’t be a route leading there; the Cave will be across a little river.

Cave Bears

You might spot bears nearby as you approach a cave. Bears are uncommon creatures that can live in the vicinity of a cave. It’s recommended to stay away from bears if you don’t have a powerful weapon. Bears are extremely violent and have a relatively short life span. When the bear moves away from you, try to enter the Cave covertly. A bear will start chasing after you if it happens to see you. Fortunately, they will give up pursuing you if you keep running away.

Ore In Caves

Ore can be found inside caverns. This is a sturdy substance that may be used to make a variety of tools and weapons. Inside a cave, you can discover the following items: salt

  • Stone
  • Copper
  • Tin
  • Iron

Except for Iron, all of these materials can be mined by hand. You’ll need a Mine building to gather Iron. You can appoint workers here to retrieve items for you from the mine. You will need 20 logs and 12 planks to construct a mine. This includes the components for the foundation, walls, and roof.

How To Manually Mine?

All you need for manual mining is a pickaxe and some space in your inventory. You can use any pickaxe, but be aware that the stone pickaxe has very poor durability and will break after only a brief mining period.

Take a pickaxe and move toward an ore lump to begin mining. The ore will start at 100% and drop as you strike it more. The ore will enter your inventory when the ore piece reaches zero percent.

There isn’t a cart or wagon item available right now. This implies that all of the ore you mine will need to be carried by hand. Ore could be quite heavy, so you might need to make numerous trips back and forth. We advise setting up your village close to a cave for convenient access if you want your village to emphasize mining.

Looting Ore From Carts

Carts and barrels may also contain ore along routes and at cave entrances. This is a rapid and effective pickaxe-free method of gathering ore. You might also come across iron ore at cave entrances, which, as was already noted, can only be obtained by locals from the Mine building.

Go to your Smithy building to smelt the ore you’ve collected into ingots. You can utilize the salt that you have gathered in various cooking recipes. Overall, a visit to the Cave is beneficial. Given the scarcity of caves on the terrain early in the game, building a mine could seem out of reach. Once you have a sizable village, you should unquestionably construct a mine and delegate ore collection to the locals.


The five caverns in the Medieval Dynasty can all be found in mountainous or slopey locations. Near Braniica, Lesnica, Jezerica, and Hornica are caverns. To learn more related to Where Are The Caves In Medieval Dynasty? Have a peek at the map. Remember that, as you might assume, you cannot see well in medieval caverns without a flashlight.

With the aid of a pickaxe, you can extract rich ores like Copper, Tin, and Salt from these caves. Additionally, bears, one of the game’s fiercest adversaries, might be encountered while exploring caves. Instead of battling these bears, try to find a safer cave.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you build a Mine in the Medieval Dynasty?

A total of 5,000 Building Tech points open The Mine. This structure houses the workers who mine stone, salt, copper, tin, and iron ore. It can only be constructed at cave entrances. Up until all of the Cave’s passages are exposed, the mine expands further into the Cave each year for another segment.

Do trees regrow in the Medieval Dynasty?

As far as we can determine, Medieval Dynasty Trees grow back. Although I haven’t personally witnessed this, player reports on Reddit and the Steam Community suggest that trees reappear in 2-3 years, provided you don’t destroy the Stumps.

Are there bandits in the Medieval Dynasty?

Before Year Two, all bandit camps will be deserted and serve as simple targets for theft. The number of active camps on the map decreases after that. There may be a few bandits in each active camp who will strike on sight.

How do you increase building limits in the Medieval Dynasty?

•         You need to finish the first mission before you can create.
•         You may find the build limit in the menu’s ‘Management’ tab.
•         You must finish story quests to boost your build limit.
•         Your build limit at the beginning of the game will be merely five.

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