Where Does Each Belfry Go Elden Ring? Deep Answer

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I will explain Where Does Each Belfry Go Elden Ring? in this post. Elden Ring’s map is enormous, which is to be anticipated from an open-world game. Players can find a variety of altars and waygates that resemble portals in addition to fast travel. Others are tucked away and reward the player, while some send the player to high-level locations.

The Four Belfries, a sizeable castle-like edifice with four distinct bell towers, is one such location. Each belfry contains a single Waygate, which, when opened and utilized, teleports players to different locations around the Lands Between.

Elden Ring offers a sizable map for exploration. With so many diverse locales for players to explore, unlock, and seek through, The Lands Between is intimidating. Players will encounter hidden bosses, quests, valuable goods, and essential items along the journey.

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However, some of the locations the gamers will explore are already somewhat enigmatic. Consider the Four Belfries, for instance. This bizarre collection of tower-like buildings, each with its unique magical mechanics, is something that many players will unintentionally come across.

Elden Ring’s Liurnia of the Lakes region contains a dungeon called The Four Belfries, where you can discover an Imbued Stonesword Key (which you’ll need to employ locally to access lucrative loot in far-off places.). This Elden Ring The Four Belfries walkthrough will explain how to locate the dungeon, what loot to anticipate, what opponents to expect, and some approach suggestions.

Where Does Each Belfry Go Elden Ring?

With three Waygates that transfer you to various locales in the Lands Between, The Four Belfries is a unique place of attraction. Each Imbued Stonesword Key is required to open a Waygate. We’ll explain where these Waygates will lead you, starting at the top.

  • There is no Waygate in the first Belfry at the top, but it does have a chest with a single Imbued Stonesword Key. Additionally, a Site of Grace is nearby for quick access when and if you have several keys.
  • Immediately above the first belfry is the second one. You can access a remote area of Nokron, Eternal City, by opening the portal at its base. You can go to a large grassy platform by descending the ledges from where you first appear. To locate a Ghost Glovewort substance, proceed along it while staying to the left.

Watch the region to your left while moving to the right. Check a corpse along a ledge that extends that way for the Mottled Necklace. Afterward, proceed to the area’s end for a challenging encounter with an armored soldier who drops some runes when defeated. Anytime you like, quickly return to The Four Belfries site of grace.

  • The Chapel of Anticipation is accessible by a portal in the third belfry, which is only somewhat higher on the hill than the second belfry (the area where you began the game). You could be tempted to gather blue butterflies if you turn around and see them. Don’t. You’ll die by falling through the ground

 Instead, proceed down the bridge until you get to a ledge on the opposite side, where you can climb over a mist wall to a boss’s lair. The difficulty you initially encountered with the Grafted Scion has diminished. Avoid coming at it head-on since doing so puts you in easy reach of its deadly swords and screams.

 Instead, roll to its sides and scream at it. Then, step back and do it again. Your old foe should die quickly if you have magic-imbued solid weapons or bleed effects, leaving behind Ornamental Straight Sword and the Golden Beast Crest Shield.

 Pass through the next arch and cross another bridge to get to a big building. To obtain The Stormhawk King, proceed through the archway to the right as soon as you enter. Then, climb the steps to the upper platform.

 The Stormhawk Deenh can then be found in a treasure chest on the balcony by going through the surrounding doors and turning right. You have finished your work in the area and can move quickly to your next adventure.

  • You are taken to a smaller, floating area of the Crumbling Farum Azula Legacy Dungeon by the fourth Belfry. Continue to descend the floating stone platforms until you come upon a pair of Gnolls waiting nearby to engage you in combat. Reverse your descent and take the Pearldrake Talisman from the dead body at the cliff. You must teleport to your preferred Site of Grace to leave this place.

To Sum Up

Let’s conclude Where Does Each Belfry Go Elden Ring? Elden Ring’s “The Four Belfries” location. Liurnia of the Lakes is the first place to The Four Belfries. Players can get to this place by traveling north on the main route along the western continent, then turning east when the road divides at the site of grace known as the Foot of the Four Belfries.

Frequently Asked Questions

In The Four Belfries, where do the teleporters transport you?

The first teleporter in the Four Belfries will take you to Crumbling Farum Azula’s windy edges. A pair of formidable adversaries are posted here, defending an excellent talisman. A striking sight will also be visible in the distance.

What doorway employs the key of the infused sword?

You are unlocking the Teleporters at The Four Belfries using the Imbued Sword Key. The Four Belfries, the place indicated on the above map, is where you can turn in an Imbued Sword Key once you acquire one. This is a little town in the Liurnia of the Lakes region to the west.

What should I apply the imbued sword key to?

Elden Ring’s Imbued Sword Key is a Key Item. The player can use the Imbued Sword Key to unlock the imp statue operating the sending gates, but after usage, the key vanishes.

Are Stormhawk Deenh and Elden Ring compatible?

The battles against your boss in Elden Ring will be more straightforward if you have a spiritual partner. The Stormhawk Deenh, regarded as one of the best Spirit Summons, is one of them. It is dependable and frequently leaves foes dazed.

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