Where Does Lightning Dragon Go Elden Ring? (Answered)

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Did you ever wonder Where Does Lightning Dragon Go Elden Ring? In Elden Ring, the boss is the ancient dragon Lansseax. This Elden Ring Ancient Dragon Lansseax Guide offers boss locations, advice, techniques, and videos on how to quickly dispatch Lansseax, in addition to boss statistics and lore.

The first sighting of Lansseax, a substantial white dragon with four wings, occurred on the Altus Plateau not far from the Abandoned Coffin Site of Grace. She is Lichdragon Fortissax’s sister and shares her brother’s relationships with members of the Golden Order.

She appeared to have the strongest bonds with humans of all the dragons found in the Lands Between, even going so far as to assume human form to interact with the knights of the ancient dragon cult, of whom she strongly preferred Vyke the Dragonspear.

Where Does Lightning Dragon Go Elden Ring

Players don’t have to defeat this boss to proceed in Elden Ring; it is merely an optional boss. It does, however, result in valuable Items and Runes. For this boss battle, as with most other dragon encounters, it is advised to ride Torrent to be able to evade her damaging AOEs quickly.

Because she deals this damage with her most potent attacks, you might want to consume and equip Consumables and Equipment that increase your lightning resistance. When defeated, she drops Lansseax’s Glaive. Bosses are distinctive and challenging Enemies that can be found across the Lands Between. Bosses of Great Enemies have a chance to drop uncommon Spirit Ashes, weapons, spells, and other items.

Where Does Lightning Dragon Go, Elden Ring?

She will move to the hill just south of the Rampartside Path Site of Grace after taking enough damage (often around 80%), at which point she can be destroyed. Elden Ring adventurers will surely encounter the Ancient Dragon Lansseax on their journey to the Altus Plateau. Most dragons have a distinct theme, and Lansseax combines devastating raw damage with crimson lightning to exacerbate the situation.

Players already have much to be concerned about in the initial encounter, especially with all the potential lightning damage on the ground. To complete the fight in the Altus Plateau, the dragon must be tracked down again because it will flee after taking only minor damage.

Ancient Dragon Lansseax Guide From Elden Ring

With the help of the very potent lightning dragon known as Ancient Dragon Lansseax, Elden Ring strikes back. Finding the beast at all is sometimes the most challenging aspect of this boss fight. Fortunately, it’s not too difficult once you know where to search. Our Ancient Dragon Lansseax tour to Elden Ring is now ready to continue.

Where Does Lightning Dragon Go Elden Ring 2

Liurnia is the quickest way to go to Lansseax. Continue to follow the lake as far north as possible through a watery canyon that leads to a gigantic assembly of scaffolding carved out of a mountain face. The Ravine-Veiled Village, which leads up to the Ruin-Strewed Precipice, is the name of this Site of Grace. There aren’t any noteworthy main antagonists in this.

The Magma Wyrm boss, in the end, though, can cause you additional difficulty. You can summon Millicent for assistance if you encounter and help her back in Camelid. Otherwise, you probably won’t stand a chance against Lansseax if you can’t even defeat the Magma Wyrm at this point. Maybe it would be best to go and then come back!

There is a Site of Grace called Abandoned Coffin past this boss. Technically, this area belongs to the Altus Plateau and is considered a midgame. However, you’ll discover that it’s more akin to a small entrance to the plateau than a legitimate component of the area. Furthermore, Lansseax would be the gatekeeper if this were a gate.

Ancient Dragon Lansseax can be found by following the northeast route (through several unfavorable Omens and caravans that have broken down). Literally. They descend from the skies to obstruct your entrance to the remaining portions of the Altus Plateau.

Typically, you would ride Torrent past him. We’re not here for that purpose. We desire conflict. Just be ready for it to be maybe very brief. Killing Lansseax isn’t that lot more challenging than killing any other dragon in Elden Ring.

They struck as if a submarine had fallen from a hot air balloon. As a result, you have a small margin for error. However, the fundamental guidelines for standing up and causing harm remain the same.

On Torrent, try to approach them closely and slice at their lizard legs. To enable charged attacks and more straightforward charging, you can jump off Torrent while you’re close. Be prepared to climb up again at any time. On foot, avoiding Lansseax’s lightning assaults is exceedingly challenging.

You’ll immediately realize that you’re headed in the proper direction. Lightning strikes are continuously attacking this hill. Fulgurblooms expand and sheep laced with lightning spawn as a result of it.

Finally, Lansseax will swoop down again at the peak of the rugged hill. The damage you dealt to the dragon on the way down the mountain is retained, but you now have to remove the remaining health from their bar. If not, most of the same guidelines still apply.

A bow with poisoned arrows can be handy now that you have more space to move around. This enables you to maintain your distance while still inflicting harm. Given how simple it is to poison lanseax, there is even more free suffering to be given. While you’re at it, shoot for the head. It can be hit with your lock-on, and every headshot will cause extra damage.

The cliffs that surround this location are another helpful feature. Torrent has enough room to jump off the cliff and land on nearby crags. When Lansseax is ready, you can platform your way back up the slope. This dramatically facilitates avoiding the dragon’s final lightning sweep. The right area of the cliffside can only be reached with a bit of luck and ability. Consider conducting some reconnaissance first.

The way Lansseax respawns is one more peculiarity of this battle. The dragon does not reappear after you die and come back, for whatever reason. It might be an error, or it might be done on purpose. To restart the combat, you must genuinely rest at a Site of Grace. Then, to try again, ride back up to the unmarked location.


Did you understand Where Does Lightning Dragon Go Elden Ring? Giving the Ancient Dragon Prayerbook to either Brother Corhyn or Miriel, an incantation teacher in the Lands Between, will grant you access to the Ancient Dragons’ Lightning Spear. This book is located close to the Crumbling Beast Grave Depths site of grace in Crumbling Farum Azula in the middle of the building. You may purchase it for 8,500 Runes.

Although dragons in the game tend to be arbitrary most of the time, there is a method to the madness. There is a reasonable probability that a dragon will attack whenever there is a large area on the map, although this is not always the case.

Even for something as substantial as a Lich, certain dragons can only be summoned as quest bosses. There is no need to worry about missing any of them because almost all of them are optional, but they are a pleasure to fight.

Frequently Asked Questions

Elden Ring: Where does the dragon go?

Dragons in Eldin Ring emerge and vanish randomly because you left the arena where you were fighting them or because they must be battled later.

What happened to the dragon from Flintstone?

Players will first come across Glintstone Dragon Adult as they go closer to Ranni’s Rise. She will finally vanish by flying away from the location if you engage in a fight with her and sufficiently drain her health. Then, Adults may be seen standing in line in front of the Manus Celes Cathedral.

Do the dragon’s Elden Rings respawn?

Elden Ring offers a simple one-time boost to your rune count because sleeping dragons there rarely revive. You can kill it many times in the interim if you haven’t already eliminated the dragon. First, locate the sleeping dragon in the Elden Ring by following the directions.

Why did the dragon at Three Sisters disappear?

Once you have sufficiently reduced his HP, he will take off flying. He may be killed at Moonlight Altar. You must finish the questline to access a particular region that opens up after continuing the Ranni quest.

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