Where To Farm Crystal Cave Moss Elden Ring? Brief Answer

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Do you want to know Where To Farm Crystal Cave Moss Elden Ring? The Dark Souls series from FromSoftware’s Elden Ring carries the legacy of dangerous bosses, scarce equipment, and drop-in multiplayer.

The crafting and item system has been dramatically expanded, one of Elden Ring’s most essential revisions to the original Dark Souls formula. In the Lands Between, players can gather resources to craft various equipment for themselves, including Boluses that can save their lives.

Where To Farm Crystal Cave Moss Elden Ring

Players are shielded from the severe status effects of Elden Ring by various consumables called boluses. There are seven Boluses, the three most potent of which all have a common crafting component: Crystal Cave Moss.

These three boluses, which treat Scarlet Rot, Madness, and Death Blight, are called Preserving, Clarifying, and Rejuvenating. Players might need to grow Crystal Cave Moss to produce enough Boluses because many places and adversaries in the Lands Between pose a constant threat to these lethal status effects.

Where To Farm Crystal Cave Moss Elden Ring?

The Camelid region of Elden Ring must be reached for players to access this farming strategy. The Church of the Plague and other significant sites can be found in this Scarlet-Rot-infested region, which is best explored in the middle of the game.

Where To Farm Crystal Cave Moss Elden Ring 2

From the Church’s Site of Grace, players can encounter a considerable headstone manned by a battle mage heading north up the hill. The Sellia Hideaway Catacomb is accessible by an illusionary wall in the rock directly behind the monument.

Players can quickly harvest the Crystal Cave Moss deposit in the Sellia Hideaway Catacomb, rest, and repeat because it is close to the area’s Site of Grace. While this strategy in Elden Ring isn’t particularly thrilling, it will enable players to quickly and easily farm a large quantity of Crystal Cave Moss.

Where To Find Crystal Cave Moss Elden Ring?

As players may infer from the name, Crystal Cave Moss is mainly found in caves. They are most frequently discovered in caverns that have some magical effect. Five caves are suggested for finding Crystal Cave Moss in considerable quantities: two in Liurnia of the Lakes, two in Caelid, and one in the Altus Plateau:

  • Stillwater Cave – Liurnia of the Lakes.
  • Academy Crystal Cave – Liurnia of the Lakes.
  • Sellia Hideaway – Camelid.
  • Dragonbarrow Cave – Camelid.
  • Sage’s Cave – Altus Plateau.

When a player passes away or takes a nap at one of Elden Ring’s Sites of Grace, Crystal Cave Moss respawns. It would be simple to harvest the Moss if this weren’t because foes also respawn at these triggers. The initial caves should be relatively easy for high-level players to pass through regularly. However, the optimal location to grow Crystal Cave Moss doesn’t involve battling.


To acquire the farming technique, you must first travel to the Caelid section of the Elden Ring. You can visit several significant locations nearby as the Church of Plague. You must travel to the hills north of the church’s site of grace and keep an eye out for a big headstone bearing the image of a battle mage.

It serves as its guard and leads you to a location with a sizable crystal cave moss deposit known as The Sellia Hideaway Catacomb by hiding behind an illusionary wall. While harvesting may not be the most enjoyable activity in the game, the rewards are unquestionably great. You can harvest, take a break, and then continue with more harvesting.

I hope you do this and have a large harvest of Crystal cave moss. Also, don’t forget to tell your friends about Where To Farm Crystal Cave Moss Elden Ring? if they need a simple guide to harvesting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Cave Moss?

Cave Moss is a plant that grows in the Lands Between caverns, as its name suggests. The Coastal Cave and Groveside Cave in Limegrave are two locations where you may quickly locate them.

How do I go to Elden Ring’s abandoned cave?

Grab the Aeonian Butterflies on this piece of stone, then dash inside the alcove to the northeast to grab another and some Dragonwound Grease. Then there is the shadowy corridor to the northwest. It will lead you to a ledge of granite that ends in a pool of intensely bubbling scarlet rot.

What is the Elden Ring’s most robust spirit ash?

The Mimic Tear is, without a doubt, Elden Ring’s most excellent Spirit Ash. It acts as a duplicate of your character and spawns with the armor and weapons you have on when called. The most OK users of Elden Ring’s spells and weapons will consequently be able to duplicate their damage instantly.

Where is the graveside cave?

Groveside Cave is a cave entrance in the woods between the Church of Elleh and the Gate front Ruins, south of Storm Hill along the cliffs and northeast of the Fringefolk Hero’s Grave. Specifically, it’s in the upper part of the Limgrave Area.

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