Why Am I Getting A Text With An Apple ID Verification Code?

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Here is all information about Why Am I Getting A Text With An Apple ID Verification Code? Your account’s password might have been compromised, and someone is attempting to get in. You need to update the password for your Apple ID instantly.

And even if they claim to work for Apple, you should never give the verification code to someone who emails, messages, or phones you asking for it. You give them access to your account if you do that.

It would help if you also changed any other websites where you may have previously used your Apple ID password. And set up a password manager so you won’t have to keep track of all those various passwords.

Additionally, it’s possible that someone mistakenly entered your phone number in their Apple ID account, which would explain why you are receiving texts meant for someone else. If your phone number is being used by accounts other than your own, Apple Help can let you know. It can’t hurt to change your password, no matter what happens.

Why Am I Getting A Text With An Apple ID Verification Code?

Signing in with your Apple ID on a new device or browser will require a verification code if two-factor authentication is enabled. Your password and a six-digit verification code are required every time you sign in with your Apple ID on a new device or browser.

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What Is A Verification Code?

Today, any website or service that surfaces on the Internet is subjected to several inspections, including spam, viruses, illegal content, and plagiarism. One word can encompass all of this: verification. Nearly every industry uses verification, including banks, science, health, and computer technology. Data security and fraud avoidance are its key objectives.

Account verification, particularly in social networks, verifies that the person attempting to sign in to a specific page is the account owner. A set of characters known as a verification code is one that the system generates and then sends to the user through email, SMS, or phone call. To verify their identification, the user must enter the received code.

What Is A Verification Code

There are two steps to using an Apple ID verification code:

  • The user can access the phone number or email address to which the code is sent.
  • After receiving the code, the user inserts it into the computer system.

In terms of your Apple account, you have additional security and assurance that only you will have access to your account even if the password is compromised, thanks to an additional verification code.

How To Get An Apple ID Verification Code Without A Phone?

You can only utilize the techniques for getting an Apple ID verification code listed below if your devices and phone numbers are reliable. Continue reading if you’re only interested in learning about this subject for future use. We’ll go over adding trusted phones and devices so you can access your Apple ID without a phone. If your phone is lost, you now have several choices for signing into your Apple ID.

Trusted Devices

Any Apple ID verification code that you put up for two-factor authentication is accessible on your phone as well as all other trusted devices, including your iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac. You must provide your password and a six-digit verification number to sign in to your Apple ID on a new device.

This code is automatically displayed for all authorized devices that are logged in with the same Apple ID. The verification code, for instance, may instantly show on your Mac desktop and your Apple Watch when you sign in to your account on your MacBook.

In the Account Security area of your Apple ID page, you may see a list of your trusted devices. Without an iPhone, use these steps to obtain an Apple ID verification code:

  • Go to https://appleid.apple.com/ and sign in using your Apple ID.
  • Enter your login and password, then press the forward arrow to proceed.
  • You’ll receive a reminder on each of your trusted devices when it’s time to sign in. To obtain your verification code, click or touch Allow.
  • After entering the code, you will be sent to your Apple ID account page and logged in.

You can find the authentication code on a trusted iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch by doing the following if, for some reason, you don’t automatically receive it on your trusted device:

  • Tap your name under Settings.
  • Choose Obtain Verification Code under Password & Security.
  • To sign in, enter this code on your other device.

To view the code on a Mac, perform the actions below:

  • Then, access System Preferences.
  • 2. Choose your user name.
  • 3. On the left panel, choose Password & Security, then select Obtain Verification Code.

Trusted Numbers

For two-factor authentication, you can also add trusted phone numbers and devices. For instance, you may provide your family’s or a trusted friend’s phone number. How to add a trusted number is as follows:

  • Account Security for Open.
  • Press the plus sign (+) and enter your phone number.
  • After confirming this number, click Proceed.

To acquire the verification code if you don’t have access to your iPhone but do have another trusted number on the list, follow these steps:

  • Click Didn’t get verification on the device you are attempting to sign into.
  • Decide to send the code to a reputable phone number.
  • You can contact this number by text or phone.
  • Type in the code to access your Apple ID and log in.


I hope you understand all information about Why Am I Getting A Text With An Apple ID Verification Code? In the first place, it shouldn’t be taking place. It represents a compromised password. Your Apple ID password appears to have been discovered, and someone is now attempting to access your account.

You must instantly change your password and unplug any recently connected integrations. It is a godsend that Apple has already set up 2FA for you since it now prevents hackers and unauthorized users from accessing your sensitive data.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I verify my Apple ID without a verification code?

If you’re attempting to sign in but don’t have a trusted device nearby that can show verification codes, you can select to send a code to one of your trusted phone numbers by tapping Didn’t Receive a Code on the sign-in screen.

How can I get my Apple ID verification code without a phone or number?

To sign in, open https://appleid.apple.com and click. Enter your login and password, then press the next arrow to proceed. A sign-in notification will be sent to you on each of your trusted devices automatically. To obtain your verification code, click or touch Allow.

Can Apple ID be hacked?

Your data may be compromised in several ways if someone acquires illegal access to your Apple ID: An attacker could examine your data if you sync your iPhone with iCloud. They might access your account if you have a @icloud.com email address and can send and receive emails through it.

Why am I getting Apple ID verification code texts?

Apple doesn’t text 2FA codes to users. These are often delivered by encrypted iCloud notice to your trusted devices. You will always receive a text message or phone call if you ask for a code. Hence, every unsolicited text is a fraud.

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