Why can’t i listen to some songs on spotify? (Answered)

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All potential reasons Why can’t i listen to some songs on spotify are covered in this article, along with solutions. The primary reason certain songs can’t be played on Spotify is due to the publisher or label’s imposed country limitations. The person who owns the song’s copy rights decides which countries can listen to it.

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Have you ever noticed that some tracks in your Spotify app are greyed out and therefore unavailable for playback? You may be listening to a piece of music when it abruptly stops and says, “Can’t play the current song.” Neither the Spotify app for mobile devices nor the desktop version of the service experiences these troubles.

Why can’t I listen to some songs on Spotify?

You could occasionally hear tunes that are impossible to play. There are two strong arguments against playing them.

  • Even though the song appears on your playlist, Spotify may not be able to stream it because the licensing certificate has expired or the publishing music authority hasn’t permitted it.
  • You might use Spotify over a VPN to get around restrictions. This approach also stops you from accessing some songs that are only made available in a particular area. You can try again after disconnecting your VPN. If it works, great, but if it doesn’t, you must go on.

Reasons for why I can’t listen to some music on Spotify and workarounds:


Songs published on any platform may be subject to harsh content restrictions in some jurisdictions. A nation may outright forbid a song if it uses terms that are considered taboo, such as references to sex or drug use. These limitations may be present in varying degrees, on various platforms, under various governing bodies or in the music industry, and in relation to diverse topics. The nation outlaws a song if it fails to pass the audit system for music.

Network Errors:

Sometimes temporary problems like this can be caused by network or connectivity issues on your or Spotify’s end. For instance, if your internet connection is temporarily lost, you can discover that you cannot play music at that time.

The issue is resolved as soon as you acquire a solid internet connection or switch your mobile phone from cellular data to WiFi. If a connection fault or the desktop’s offline mode occurs when using Spotify, you could notice that a song is not available.

Once your internet connection is back to usual, you can play the song again without any problems. To troubleshoot your internet connection, nevertheless, is a smart idea. First, check your connection stability by launching your browser and visiting an unrelated website.

Go to Network & Internet Settings and run the Troubleshooter if you cannot open a website. Check to see if Spotify is included in your firewall’s allow list if your machine is online.

Add Spotify to the firewall’s exception list if it isn’t already there if it’s not on the allowlist. Open the desktop version of Spotify, select “Settings,” and then select “Show unavailable music in playlists.”

Country or Regional Restrictions:

You could notice that the song in your Spotify app is greyed out if you reside in or have been to a nation where certain labels choose not to publish their music. However, as long as the creators don’t permit it, you can’t listen to the song in that particular area or nation. This availability may change over time. When music is unavailable for legal reasons, Spotify is unable to alter the situation and is required to abide by all rules.

Even when you download a full album, these licensing concerns can occur if some songs are grayed out while the remainder can be played. This is so because the publisher shares the rights to a particular song with another label, publisher, artist, or songwriter.

The song disappears from Spotify when they don’t renew the license with the other party. Spotify claims that the severe restrictions on which nations may and cannot access a song’s download are put in place by the copyright owners.

Through some third-party apps, you could determine whether a song was available in your country. You can use this web application to determine whether or not you can access particular music in your country. Hit the “Get Spotify Token” button to sign in to your free or premium Spotify account after entering the page.

You give the app permission to launch the search by selecting “Agree.” Enter the album or song’s URI, which you can obtain by doing the following steps on Spotify to see if it is currently available.

  • Look up the song or album on Spotify.
  • Locate “Share” on the three-dot menu, then select “Copy Spotify URI.”
  • Paste the URI into the web app’s specified field.

You may now check which nations are offering the song or album. If it isn’t offered anywhere, you can be certain that its license has run out. There is a remedy if it is offered in some nations but not in yours. Changing your IP address can convince Spotify that you are using the app from a different country. By connecting to the VPN’s server, you can route your internet traffic there and give the appearance that you are physically located wherever the server is.

Set the VPN’s country setting to the US or a European nation since these regions have fewer or no limitations. Double-check that your VPN is operating properly if you already use a VPN and notice that a specific song isn’t available on Spotify.

Check to see if a paid VPN service has expired. If it is, renew it and see if the issue disappears. You might want to consider switching your VPN service if you connect to a US server and the issue persists.

Reinstall the Spotify App:

Greyed-out music can occasionally occur for no obvious reason. Instead, a glitch can prevent the app from playing some music. Another benefit of deleting and reinstalling the Spotify app is that it takes up less room. All the data on your device, including the downloaded cache, will be deleted when you delete the app.

Reinstall the Spotify App

By doing this, you’ll free up a ton of space and improve the functionality of both your phone and the Spotify app. alternatively, you could update your app to ensure nothing is broken. You might not be able to use certain features of an outdated app.

By visiting the app store and seeing whether any updates are available, you may determine whether your Spotify app needs to be updated. Try playing your song when the app has been updated.

Clean Spotify Cache:

Your device’s storage space rapidly decreases as you listen to tracks from Spotify. This is because Spotify stores the tracks you stream on your device in a cache so that the next time you play the track, you won’t have to stream them from the server. Spotify advises having at least 1GB of free memory space to play music without interruption.

Clean Spotify Cache

In certain circumstances, uninstalling and reinstalling the Spotify app can assist in eradicating any potential issues. Additionally, if your phone is overloaded with cached files, Spotify song loading may not function properly.

Your phone may run more smoothly and reduce the unnecessary load if you clear the Spotify cache. Every OS has a different method for deleting the Spotify cache.


To sum up all about Why can’t i listen to some songs on spotify Because the rights owner did not make it accessible, as there are essentially only three record labels today, most music has been made available, but some artists have kept the rights to their songs. For example, Bob Seger made all of his music from Capital available, or the rights may have belonged to Capital.

Still, all of his acoustic work, He has total control, and for whatever reason, he did not allow them to be released. Years passed before bands like Def Leppard, and AC/DC would ultimately release their songs (it’s not only Spotify but all the streaming services such as Apple, Amazon, iHeartRadio, and many more).

People Also Ask

Why can’t I play music on Spotify for free?

Use the same credentials to try Spotify on a new device or the web player. If the error disappears after a while, your gadget might be at fault. Verify that your device has at least 250MB of memory available. Check whether your firewall is blocking Spotify while listening on a desktop.

Why can I choose songs on Spotify without premium?

A brand-new update to SPOTIFY’s free smartphone app allows you to SELECT the music you want to play. Before now, free users of Spotify had to put up with randomized playlists while premium members could choose the music they wanted to hear.

Are all songs available on Spotify free?

Spotify’s free, basic edition is sponsored by advertisements. It has several limitations but provides unrestricted access to the entire music and podcast repertoire.

Is Spotify Free vs. premium?

Spotify’s music and podcasts are accessible to both Free and Premium customers, and both have access to nearly the same Discovery features. In contrast, access to fresh music releases or exclusive content will be restricted to Premium members for a few weeks.

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