Why Can’t I Use The Poison Mist Elden Ring? Brief Answer

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One of the two sorts of magic in Elden Ring is incantations. The category is broad because it includes pyromancy, miracles, and other things. The Poison Mist spell, which erupts a toxic fog in front of you, is one such Incantation. Please read this article thoroughly to learn Why Can’t I Use The Poison Mist Elden Ring?

From Software’s new action role-playing title Elden Ring will be made available by Bandai Namco Entertainment. An Elden Ring Incantation is Poison Mist. The caster of the Poison Mist spell can project a cloud of poison. We will describe how to use poison mist in this article.

Why Can’t I Use The Poison Mist Elden Ring?

You need a seal to cast poison mist because it is an incantation. Staff only assist with spells.

Why Can't I Use The Poison Mist Elden Ring 2

How To Equip And Use Poison Mist In Elden Ring?

The Weeping Peninsula, situated in Limgrave’s southern section, is where you may find the Poison Mist Incantation. To reach the Weeping Peninsula from the game’s beginning, move southeast and cross the Bridge of Sacrifice. After that, proceed to the spot indicated on the map:

Here is a Teardrop Scarab, so kill it immediately before it gets away and sprays you with poison mist. You must take a break at any Site of Grace before choosing the Memorize Spell option, just like any other Incantation. Poison Mist can then be equipped into your spell slots to make it ready for use.

How Can Elden Ring Bosses Be Poisoned?

It is entirely possible to poison a boss in the game. The enemies least prone to be poisoned include crystal adversaries and those who resemble spirits. At this point, it looks like most of the game’s later boss encounters can lead to using the best weapons, chants, and other techniques to poison the opponents. This will deplete their health in addition to the harm caused by the weapons.

Why Can't I Use The Poison Mist Elden Ring

Poison Lotion

In the Elden Ring shopping mode, one way to give bosses and opponents the poison state is by using Poison Grease. It is a consumable item that poisons a weapon for a brief time. It can only be made using one Poisonbloom and one Root Resin. To ensure that Poison damage is available immediately away during a boss fight, use it to slater a melee or ranged weapon.


There are a handful of incantations connected to poisoning. The first is Poison Mist. Bosses that come into contact with the mist created by Poison Mist will become sick.

Final Summary

Now that you’ve remembered it, you need to equip a Sacred Seal, which some classes come provided with by default. With it on, cycle through your spells by pushing up on the directional pad until you reach Poison Mist since you need Sacred Seals to cast Incantations.

Poison Mist can now be released by simply pressing the button corresponding to the hand with which the Sacred Seal is equipped. This finishes our explanation of how to use Poison Mist in Elden Ring and equip it. Please share any further queries or advice in the comments section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

When casting Poison Mist, what seal is required?

An incantation spell is Elden Ring Poison Mist. To cast this magic, you must have a Sacred Seal Equipped, 12 Faith, 0 Intelligence, and 0 Arcane.

Elden Ring, is poisonous mist good?

Poison Mist is one of the best Incantations early on in Elden Ring, and it’s also great for sneak strikes.

How are Elden ring incantations equipped?

·       For access to your inventory, press the Options-Button.
·       Put a Seal on in your dominant hand.
·       To select a spell to perform and to cycle among your equipment, press the left and right D-pad buttons simultaneously.
·       For your spell to be cast, press the RB button.

Does Poison Mist scale with religious belief?

Using the Incantation for the poison mist spell, you can conjure a cloud that will poison your opponents. The Faith stat will be used to scale off this invocation.

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