Why Does Apple News Keep Crashing On iPad? (Answered)

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Let’s start with Why Does Apple News Keep Crashing On iPad? Applications are often stable for both the iPhone iOS and iPadOS, though occasionally, an app may crash without warning. Apple iPad users have reported that their apps have been crashing since the recent iPadOS update.

It may be an app that closes on its own or proceeds to the home screen after finishing its task. It could occur when you launch the software or while using it. You must first determine whether the issue is a crash in the app or a device crash to fix the app crashing issue.

This means that situations like when an app abruptly closes when it stops responding, but you can still access other apps, or when an app you’re trying to launch keeps disappearing from the screen are all considered app crashes.

On the other hand, if the iPad stops working or, for example, displays a blank screen, that is considered to be a device crash. Below, a few potential fixes for iPadOS app crashing issues will be described. 

Why Does Apple News Keep Crashing On IPad?

Apple News appears to have an issue that periodically causes the App to terminate without warning. Speaking from personal experience, this could happen after reading news stories for a sizable amount of time.

Why Does Apple News Keep Crashing On iPad

Here Is A Guide To Fixing Apps Crashing After Updating To iPad os 1

Examine For Updates

Most older versions of the apps can cause some trouble when changing to a new software system on your iPad or perhaps with any other significant upgrade, significantly if the app isn’t updated for the changes brought about by the update.

Simple steps to check for an update are as follows:

  • Access the App Store on your iPad’s Home Screen.
  • The Your Account tab is at the top right corner of the screen. Tap it.
  • To update all apps with the latest apps, select the Update All option. Therefore, it is advised to update all applications because you can never be sure which applications are to blame.
  • Await the installation and updating of the programs. Depending on the size of the program and the quality of your network connection, this could take some time.

Therefore, it is crucial to check for app updates frequently. Alternatively, you may enable your iPad to automatically update apps whenever you are connected to a network, which will do so whenever a new version of an app becomes available. To enable the iPad’s automatic app updates:

  • From your iPad’s Home Screen, go to Settings.
  • From the list of tabs, scroll down and select iTunes & App Store.
  • Toggle ON by tapping on App Update.
  • App updates automatically are now enabled. Including free apps, this will automatically download new purchases.

Check Apple System Status

To test if the apps on your iPad are experiencing any technical difficulties, you can try checking the system status of Apple on their website. In this approach, you can determine if the cause of the App Crashing is a problem on their end rather than your device.

Restart Your iPad By Rebooting It

Your iPad’s settings and apps are reset when you reboot it. Depending on the iPad model you’re trying to reboot and restart, there are two possible ways to do it:

Why Does Apple News Keep Crashing On iPad 2
  • For iPad models with a Home Button: Press and hold both the Home and the Power buttons simultaneously at the top of the device. Hold this position until the Apple logo appears, and then let go.
  • Press the Volume Up button first, then let go of iPad models with FaceID. Next, press and then release the volume-down button. Finally, hold down the Power Button while pressing it simultaneously until you see the Apple Logo and subsequent restarts.

Uninstall Problematic Apps And Reinstall Them

Apps that crash more frequently can occasionally be very annoying, mainly if you use them often. Every time you attempt to launch it, it crashes. An app that regularly crashes might be fixed by deleting (uninstalling) it and reinstalling it. However, if the problematic app contains files and data, like Evernote or Google Drive, don’t worry; all of that app’s content will be recovered from iCloud.

To remove, then reinstall, an app from your iPad OS:

  • As soon as the app icon wiggles, tap and hold it.
  • Next, hit the “X” next to the app, and when prompted, select “Delete.”
  • Open the App Store to reinstall the application.
  • Look for the app.
  • To begin the app’s reinstallation, select Get. If the app requires you to log in, you will have to do so once it has been reinstalled.

Free Up Storage On Your iPadOS

It typically takes up a lot of storage space on your iPadOS in most significant updates. The upgrade and your current apps could cause your apps to fail because they are all using up a lot of storage space. Since the majority of apps often need some free space to operate. Additionally, having insufficient storage space slows down your device, in addition to causing programs to fail.

Before doing anything further, you must check your iPad’s storage by going to Settings, tapping General, and then tapping iPad Storage. The iPad’s storage space on iPadOS will be shown along with the apps you’ve installed. To know what to remove later, you may also view how much of each category uses up much of your storage.

You are aware of how much space is still available on your smartphone. To make room on your storage device, manage it. Follow these procedures to accomplish this:

  • From your iPad’s Home Screen, go to Settings.
  • Click General.
  • Select the iPad Storage tab.
  • Tap on the specific app you want to remove to delete it.

You will have the choice between deleting the app or offloading it. In contrast to Delete App, which essentially deletes the app and all of its data and content so that you must start over with new login information, Offload App will free up some storage space required by apps while maintaining its contents, and reinstalling it will restore the app.

  • The prompt “Deleting ‘name of app’ will also erase all of its documents and data’ appears when the Delete App option is selected. It is impossible to undo this action.
  • To confirm, click Delete App.

Final Summary

Have you got your answer Why Does Apple News Keep Crashing On iPad? Apple seems to have made a server-side adjustment to address the crashing issue. It appears that Apple had planned for a smoother debut of Apple News+. After updating to iOS 12.2, many iPhone and iPad owners discover that the Apple News app frequently crashes.

Apple is reportedly aware of the problem and working quickly to resolve it. It’s unclear whether the business will have to release a new iOS 12.2.1 software update immediately or if the issue can be fixed on the server.

The only known workaround is to wait for Apple to deliver the patch. Although it might only be restricted to the US and Canada, the only two countries where the Apple News+ page is offered, it appears to impact all users and device models.

Customers are regularly sent back to the Home screen Springboard when the Apple News app crashes, frequently practically soon after it is loaded. Both the Marzipan clone in macOS 10.14.4 and the News app on iOS 12.2 are impacted by the problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do websites on my iPad constantly crashing?

Try deleting Safari’s history and website data if websites in Safari on your iPad keep failing. Select Clear History and Website Data under Settings > Safari. Restart the iPad as well to see if it resolves the problem.
If none of these choices work, consider turning off the autofill function: Use Contact Info by selecting Settings > Safari > Autofill and turning it off. Another option is to try turning off Safari’s iCloud syncing: Click Settings > [your name] > iCloud, then drag Safari to off or white.

Why does my iPad keep crashing when I play Roblox?

Your iPad may be experiencing Roblox crashes due to software, network, or operating system problems. Ensure your iOS version and Roblox app are current to fix the iPad crash issue. Verify the stability of your internet connection.
Close all other programs and make sure nothing is operating in the background. The game won’t run smoothly if your iPad’s storage is low. Restarting your iPad and uninstalling and reinstalling the game are further options.

Why does my iPad continually crash while using Facebook?

You probably need to update your iPadOS if Facebook continues crashing on your device. Go to Settings > General > Software Update and check to see if an update is available to ensure you have the most recent version of iPadOS. Install it if it is. Additionally, check if the Facebook software on your iPad is the most current version available.

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