Why Does My iPad Keep Flashing The Apple Logo And Turning Off?

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Are you looking for Why Does My iPad Keep Flashing The Apple Logo And Turning Off? If your iPad keeps flashing the apple logo and turning off the first time, you might need to figure out why or what to do about it. Your iPad may flash the Apple logo for various reasons, and depending on what you may have done to your device, you will have to employ the proper technique to resolve the problem.

This post focuses on the causes of the iPad’s flashing Apple logo when charging and potential solutions. You can try any available techniques to see if they fix the problem with your iPad.

Why Does My iPad Keep Flashing The Apple Logo And Turning Off?

Your device may be flashing the logo for several reasons: Update issues. An Apple logo may flash if an update file is interrupted or corrupted, as might happen when updating to the newest operating system. Imagine that your phone is experiencing a brain freeze.

Why Does My iPad Keep Flashing The Apple Logo And Turning Off 1

Your device may display a flashing Apple logo due to a low battery, a paused restore or data transfer, defective accessories, a software crash, hardware damage, etc.

Update Error

The Apple logo can constantly blink if you mistakenly loaded defective iOS 15.4 updates. Another possibility is that the update packages were clean but later developed corruption and prevented the machine from booting.

External Device

When connecting your iPhone to a PC, the PC may occasionally be infected with spyware or a virus, or the USB cable may become broken. The boot process would be automatically stopped by the iOS when it recognized the computer or cable as a danger to the iPhone.


When you directly modify the operating system of your iPhone, such as through jailbreaking, it may raise software compliance issues and result in the flashing Apple logo. Jailbreaking enables you to unlock administrator permissions on iOS. This process may irreversibly damage your gadget.

Faulty Apps

Having a few unreliable apps loaded could prevent your iPhone from operating as intended. An app’s poor development could result in battery depletion, excessive local storage usage, and even crashes or Apple logo flashes because of incompatibility.

Battery Issues

Your iPhone may occasionally keep flashing the Apple logo because it lacks the power to turn on when the battery is weak or damaged.

Liquid Harm

Coffee and tea, for example, frequently include different minerals that can erode the telephone circuit. Water is an excellent conductor and can bring various circuits into contact with one another, instantly damaging all electronic components, including the motherboard.

How To Fix iPad Keep Flashing The Apple Logo And Turning It Off?

How To Fix iPad Keep Flashing The Apple Logo And Turning It Off

Charge Your Device

Make sure you connect your iPhone or iPad to a reliable power source for 30 minutes before continuing. Additionally, try switching the charging cord, cleaning the port, and changing the battery if possible. Congratulations if your iPhone or iPad is functioning normally again; if not, carry on to the next step.

iPad Flashing Fix: Hard Restart On And Off, Apple Logo

By doing a hard restart on your iPad, you can resolve any minor software glitches that are the root of your iPad’s problems. The steps to hard restart several iPad models are shown below.

Using The Home Button, Restart An iPad Forcibly

  • Hold and Press the Power and Home buttons simultaneously.
  • When you look at the Apple logo, release the buttons.

Force Turning Off An iPad With Face ID

  • Turn up the volume, then let go of the button.
  • Volume Down should be pressed and then released.
  • Until you look at the Apple logo, press the Power button.

Use iTunes To Restore iPad To Fix Blinking Apple Logo

Restoring your device using iTunes is one way to resolve the iPad 1 flashing Apple logo issue. Both Windows and Mac computers can be used to complete tasks fairly quickly.

  • Open the Finder or iTunes programs on your computer.
  • Your PC and iPad should be connected.
  • If you press and hold the Home and Power buttons, your iPad will enter recovery mode.
  • When the prompt on your computer appears, select Restore.
  • Your iPad will be restored, and the problem with the iPad Air 2 flashing the Apple logo will be resolved.

Enter DFU Mode To Repair The iPad’s Flashing Apple Logo

DFU mode is an additional method for restoring your iPad if it is not functioning correctly. The following describes how DFU mode can resolve the iPad Apple logo flashing while charging.

  • Connect your iPad to your computer after turning it off. Your computer and start iTunes.
  • The iPad’s screen will go black if you continue holding the top and home buttons.
  • When the screen goes black, wait three seconds before releasing the power button while holding the Home button.
  • Hold the home button until the message appears on the screen: “iTunes has discovered an iPad in recovery mode. This iPad must be restored before it can be connected to iTunes.”

To restore your iPad in DFU mode, choose to Restore in iTunes.

Solve iPhone/iPad Flashing Apple Logo With A Computer

A professional iOS system repair tool called Mobitrix Prefix is used to resolve issues with iPhones, iPad, and iPods, such as the flashing Apple logo, black screens, boot loops, etc. It only requires a few clicks and can resolve any iOS issue in 30 minutes.

This tool may be helpful for those who urgently need to get their iPhone or iPad back in working order. Here are the procedures for using it.

  • Launch the Mobitrix Prefix software after installing it on your computer.
  • Utilize a USB cable to link your iPhone or iPad to the computer.
  • After clicking Fix Now, select Standard Repair.
  • When prompted, download the appropriate firmware into your PC, and then continue.

You will retain your data during the entire repair process with Mobitrix Prefix. It can even resolve several serious system bugs that iTunes is unable to.

Through iTunes (in recovery mode), You can also attempt to repair your iPhone using iTunes’ recovery mode, a built-in mode that enables you to delve deeper into the OS and either update it to a newer version or restore it to a previous one.

Install the most recent version of iTunes if you use a PC or a Mac running macOS Mojave or an earlier version. If your Mac runs macOS Catalina or a later version, you can update it by selecting System Preferences from the Apple menu, clicking Software Update, and then selecting Update Now. Next, launch Finder.

  • Open Finder or iTunes on your PC.
  • Utilize a USB cable to link your iPhone or iPad to your computer.
  • With a series of button presses, put your device in recovery mode.
  • iPhone 8 and later: Fast press and release both the volume up and down buttons. Press the side button again to bring up the recovery mode screen.
  • Hold the volume down and top (or side) buttons together until the recovery mode screen show on the iPhone 7 series.

iPhone 6 And Earlier: Hold the top (or side) and Home buttons at once until the recovery mode screen occurs.

iPad Without A Home Button: Press the volume button next to the top button, then swiftly release it. The volume button is located far from the top button, so do the same to it. Next, hold down the top button while pressing it until the recovery mode screen appears.

With A Home Button, An iPad: Home and the top (or side) button should be pressed and held simultaneously until the recovery mode screen appears.

According to iTunes, the iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad has now been identified as being in recovery mode. The “Restore or Update” option will appear. Simply select Update. Now, iOS or iPadOS will try to be reinstalled on your Mac or PC. You won’t have to worry about your data being lost.

  • Select restore if the update option is unsuccessful in fixing your device. This will completely erase your info. Mobitrix Prefix would be a better option if you didn’t previously make a backup.

From iTunes (In DFU Mode)

  • DFU is a unique mode that enables iTunes or Finder to fix your device even more deeply. It’s typically viewed as a final resort. But keep in mind that using this technique erases all device data. Make sure a backup has been made first.
  • Launch iTunes or Finder after connecting your device to a computer.
  • Start the DFU mode on your device. Your device’s screen will appear completely dark but still be lit up.
  • Choose Restore from the computer’s menu options.
  • Your smartphone will be fully restored to factory settings once it is finished. If you’ve previously backed up your data, you should now restore the backup to the device. If not, you are still advised to purchase Mobitrix Prefix straight away.
  • After that, a DFU restores through iTunes is time-consuming and needs to be consistently successful. Mobitrix Prefix will allow you to avoid hours of hassle.

Contact Apple Support

This is the ideal location for harm from both water and physical forces.

  • You can reach customer assistance through the website. You should check the repair options available there before visiting the Support section of Apple’s official website to report an issue with an Apple product.
  • Message Apple customer service through social media. A Twitter account is required to contact Apple customer service. Send Apple a direct message on Twitter if you need to reach them about a technical issue. But remember that English is the only language that Apple Technical Support on Twitter supports.
  • Chat with customer service. You can also call Apple and ask for a call using the Apple Support app and chat with them directly. You can converse directly with a customer support representative by selecting “chat.” But you can schedule a call with a customer support representative by clicking “book a call.”


There’s no need to fear if your iPad keeps flashing the apple logo and turning off because several solutions are available online. If you’re looking for a dependable solution to fix an iPad frozen on the Apple logo screen, ReiBoot comes highly recommended.

Our instructions will enable you to resolve the problem and resume normal use of your iPad. That’s all I have on Why Does My iPad Keep Flashing The Apple Logo And Turning Off?

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the Apple logo simultaneously switch on and off?

A low battery could cause your iPhone’s automatic shut off once the Apple logo appears. Charge your phone and check to see if it comes on before attempting anything else. Making sure your battery is charged will help you do other repairs, even if it doesn’t address the issue.

What should you do if the Apple logo won’t stop blinking?

It would help if you tried to force the iPhone to reset and restart the iOS system to fix the Apple logo flashing issue. Next, make sure your iPhone is operating normally. Press and hold the Power button, the Volume Up/Volume Down button, and the Slide to Power Off button together to restart an iPhone X or the most recent model.

How can I cure my iPad’s recurrent shutdowns, and why are they happening?

Your iPad may suddenly shut down at random due to a firmware bug. Navigate to Settings > General > Software Update to check for updates. Update your iPad with the latest software.
Before starting the update process, ensure your internet connection is steady.

How can you restart an iPad forcibly?

·       Quickly pressing and releasing the top volume button is required.
·       The volume control furthest from the top button should be pressed and rapidly released.
·       Long-press the top button.
·       Release the top button once you see the Apple logo.

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