Why People Like Elden Ring? (Read Its Interesting Facts)

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I’ve been trying to figure out for the past few months Why People Like Elden Ring? It’s a puzzle. Elden Ring is illogical an open-world role-playing game that is incredibly difficult but also well-liked. The figures have been staggering.

Popularity was inevitable, given that FromSoftware has put out a lot of blockbuster games. Millions of players have deservedly discovered Dark Souls and Bloodborne. But the renowned developer has reached a new level of success thanks to Elden Ring.

It took FromSoftware a year to sell 5 million copies of Sekiro, their most recent highly regarded and well-liked game. The PlayStation 4 exclusive Bloodborne sold about 3 million units throughout its existence. Dark Souls 3, the most popular game from FromSoftware, sold 10 million copies in nearly four years.

Why People Like Elden Ring?

The difficulty of the video game Elden Ring contributes to its popularity, according to NPR. People enjoy video games for a variety of reasons. Because it’s so challenging to play, Elden Ring Even though Elden Ring is extremely difficult and complex, or possibly even because of it, it is the most talked-about video game of 2022.

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Elden Ring Is Worth Playing?

Elden Ring is a video game, and it’s very well-liked. According to a report from the NPD Group, which keeps track of monthly game sales, it’s the year’s top seller, having sold over 12 million copies in the month it’s been available. It’s also seriously considered one of the best games ever, if not in recent memory.

It is also quite popular with my boyfriend, but we can’t play simultaneously because we share television and a PlayStation. That, in my opinion, is the game’s biggest problem thus far, even though it is hardly its fault.

Since Elden Ring is a good man, like, change your plans, put off your duties, and look up to see that it’s three in the morning good. It’s good because you want to evangelize it to everyone, which sets it apart from its direct forebears. It is the successor to games like the Dark Souls series, Bloodborne, and Sekiro, all renowned for their difficulty, precision, and intricately layered, frequently difficult-to-parse lore.

It was created by the studio FromSoftware (commonly known as FromSoft) under the direction of auteur Hidetaka Miyazaki. They’re well-liked for a reason (my partner’s all-time favorite game may be Bloodborne), but they’re not for everyone. Even though I play many video games, I’d always been terrified by these since I thought they were too tricky and grim for my more carefree, button-mashing playing style.

Elden Ring incorporates those games’ core elements sensitive mechanics, a spooky yet alluring aesthetic, and, yes, difficulty across a third-person open-world scenario (basically, you play as a minor character scurrying around killing things).

You explore an ever-evolving map as the main character, a person referred to as a “Tarnished,” in search of adversaries and quests with the goal of ultimately, hopefully, becoming the Elden Lord. (More later on the plot, if there is one.)

The environment is magnificent and odd in size. It offers the player what I think is the game’s most important feature: a seemingly endless variety of locations and activities to partake in when you don’t feel like pounding your head against the wall against a challenging foe.

Although it’s still tough I died about 20 times in the first hour of the game and another 20 or so while trying to take on a fight that I later discovered wasn’t even against a central boss, just some dude the game offers a heady sense of exploration and wonder as well as a variety of tools to help you develop your character until you’re ready to try again.

And holy fucking hell, does it feel good when you do, and you win, and Margit the Fell Omen (seriously, all of the names sound like this) is a pile of dust at your feet. There is still a sizable entry barrier because this game is so large and intricate.

That shouldn’t stop you from checking it out or learning more, but if you’re new to the brand like I am, it’s a good idea to go in with some knowledge of the fundamentals. In a game where pretty much everything you learn could be considered a spoiler and where there isn’t a traditional “plot,” we’ve attempted to provide answers to your queries without giving anything away. Get up right now, Tarnished!

What’s The Plot?

When referring to FromSoft games, the word “plot” can be used somewhat loosely. You’re hunting down big bad to kill them and collect bits of, you guessed it, an ancient ring. However, you can play this game for dozens or even hundreds of hours without understanding what’s happening or why things happen and still have a fulfilling experience.

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You mostly learn facts about the world by reading item descriptions or repeatedly speaking to the same NPC (gamers speak for “non-playable character,” like a merchant). Even then, it doesn’t always add to a single tidy whole.

Information is distributed in frequently easy-to-miss dribs and drabs. The idea that you are being placed into a world that has suffered dramatically and been fragmented beyond recall is pervasive when you start to gather breadcrumbs after being dropped in without any planning or foreknowledge.

It’s freeing to feel like there’s nothing I’m really “supposed” to be doing and to be able to spend my time riding my ghost horse halfway across the map to a location that looks cool. I had expected to be frustrated by the lack of direction or narrative propulsion, but I haven’t found that to be the case.

And when something does fall into place when an NPC appears in a place you never expected, or when you understand why it was so important you picked up that seemingly pointless item 10 hours earlier it is often compared to the sense of accomplishment you get after triumphing in a brutal fight. Above all, the game is generous; it encourages wandering about uncovering anything that catches your attention.

There are a ton of streamers and YouTubers who document their playthroughs, tips, and interpretations of the lore for the FromSoft games if you’re looking for more concrete-ish backstory, and quite honestly, part of the fun of the game right now is watching all of that sweet, sweet content get created.

As a starting point, VaatiVidya, a well-known YouTuber, discusses everything from the series’ more confusing plot themes to where to discover crucial equipment early on. My pals at Into the Aether, a laid-back video game podcast, have been Twitch-streaming their runs.

How Long Is It?

Lengthy, unless you’re a speedrunner who finished it in under 30 minutes, in which case, praise God. I’d say that the overall game runs longer if you’re researching and poking around (and getting trampled by gigantic evil bears); than most people.

I know those who have rolled credits have put in at least 60 hours, and many people have reported putting in well over 100. The average playtime on Steam so far is around 48 hours. That’s a lot, given that the game was only released a little over a month ago.

Why Do People Like It If It Is So Difficult?

FromSoft games are renowned for their difficulty, but it’s not designed to be oppressive for the sake of being oppressive; instead, it serves a narrative purpose and creates the rhythm that drives the entire game. It would help if you attempted a challenge repeatedly to succeed. It would help if you also understood your adversaries’ distinct cadences, timing, and fighting strategies to acquire an edge in the effort attempt.

“How do I give death meaning if it is more than just a sign of failure? How can I make dying fun?” Upon the release of the game, Miyazaki told The New Yorker. He stated, “I just want as many guys to experience the joy that comes from conquering difficulties,” in the same interview. This isn’t for everyone, nor should it be. It is reasonable if it sounds contrary to how you would prefer to spend your free time.

I will say, however, that as someone who has frequently been drawn to gentler games, where there isn’t always even a hint of a reanimated skeletal warlock who can one-shot you from a mile away in-game, I’ve found it to be much more approachable than I’d anticipated. Frustration isn’t even in the top five of my emotions most of the time I’m playing.

I want to be clear that I’m not very good at this game or even these types of fun; I prefer turn-based fighting over real-time combat, which means that I like to consider a move for an inconceivable period in a game this fast-paced.

But I can work it out; I can use the resources at my disposal, remember the paths taken by adversaries, and eventually hack and cast my way through most difficulties. You can probably do it, too, if I can.


Did you know Why People Like Elden Ring? Because it’s a ton of fun. That is essentially the goal of every game. The most excellent part is that discovering how enjoyable it can be is a game component. Let’s chat about Elden Ring’s difficulty. You can locate Elden Ring’s accessible mode by playing the game.

It also features an insanely challenging way that is extremely simple to understand. Play as a Wretch and abandon your club to attempt and beat everything with your fists and the intimidating aura you emanate whenever you kick something.

Determine how far from that foolish you want to be with the difficulty slider. You don’t need any true arcade action abilities if you’re cunning. You can play the game with a few internet pals, coop and dupe up to level 501 (going higher is possible but pointless), and let your friends handle all the combat while you avoid any risk.

This requires some social skills and possibly a small degree of luck, but not much. Using the Spirit Ash summoning mechanism, you can accomplish this without having the necessary social abilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Elden Ring considered to be superficial?

Elden Ring is straightforward because it has nothing to do with difficulty settings, grinding, I-frames, or anything else. Because Elden Ring is a video game, it’s simple. Additionally, you constantly advance in video games. You are continually progressing, gaining strength, and defeating opponents who once appeared unbeatable.

What is Elden Ring’s purpose?

Elden Ring Summons can significantly improve your fighting chances. You can call on Ash Spirits to fight alongside you if you’ve located them and obtained the necessary equipment. Even the weaker alternatives can interfere with a boss, allowing you to get some free blows while they’re preoccupied.

Is Elden Ring the best game ever made?

Elden Ring has over 12 million copies sold globally, making it one of the most played video games ever. Many gamers believe Elden Ring, available for approximately two months, to be the best game ever created.

Is Elden Ring too challenging for new players?

Elden Ring is a notoriously difficult game, contributing to some of its attraction. The game, however, has much more to offer than merely challenging gameplay; even more casual players would undoubtedly enjoy the plot and presentation. Players may occasionally become frustrated by difficulties and beg for an easy setting.

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