ZEAYIFA Clear Acrylic Review (Testing + Comparison)

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While selecting a keyboard skin, several factors include iKammo, MOSISO, ProElife, income, and WYGCH. We did extensive research to identify the top 25 Best Keyboard Skins available.

To compile the list of the top keyboard skins, we looked into and evaluated 1,653 of them. The iKammo Keyboard Skin is our top choice. You want to look into your choices. Read on! There is also a buying guide related to ZEAYIFA Clear Acrylic.

ZEAYIFA Clear Acrylic 2

The GhostCover Keyboard Protector by UPPERCASE is a transparent, thin silicone keyboard cover that lets your backlighting shine through. If you use your MacBook in low light, it’s an excellent option.

It is made of engineering-grade TPU and is incredibly thin, measuring only 0.12 millimeters (0.005 inches) in thickness. You can reuse it after cleaning it if it gets dirty. Choose if your MacBook Pro has a Touch Bar or function keys by looking at this listing, which is exclusive to that model.

ZEAYIFA Clear Acrylic Review

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  • Cat Resistant Keyboard Cover
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Durable and Well Built
  • Universal and Versatile

You will be given a Laptop keyboard cover made of clear acrylic. Cats won’t walk on the keyboard; instead, they’ll walk around it. This will keep your cat away from it. Since they are willing to sleep leaning against the cover, you can work faster and stay focused. Because you are tall, you have room to type (4.1 inches).

Elevating your desktop, laptop, or TV to an ergonomic viewing height will help you work more efficiently and with less fatigue. It will also improve your posture while you sit and read. It is made of clear acrylic and is solid, well-cut, and well-polished. It has smooth, rounded edges that are perfectly smooth. It is safer than glass because it can’t be broken or bent. There are no rough or sharp edges that could hurt you or damage something.

The acrylic keyboard protector is built in and cannot be removed. It is 0.4 inches thick. The fact that it has no bolts makes it more stable and less likely to shake than wood or plastic brackets. It also has a high load capacity and can hold up to 60 lbs.

This stand for your desk can hold many things, such as TV screens, routers, books, printers, gaming consoles, monitors, laptops, keyboards, and more. People who use computers every day will love having this acrylic riser stand.

It has a simple design that gives you a lot of options. You can put it anywhere you think it fits. Uses: These showcase display stands can be put anywhere in your home. They can be used to show off jewelry, cupcakes, arts and crafts, and other items. WORK WITH YOUR PET CAT: It’s a clear acrylic keyboard cover protector.

This product solves the problem of cats on computer keyboards. It fits perfectly over the keyboard and gives you enough room to type. You can have your cat with you while you work. The right way to sit: This product helps raise your monitor to a good height so you can see it well without looking down.

You can work or use the computer for longer without hurting your neck or muscles. UNIVERSAL AND VERSATILE: Easy to move around and won’t damage your desk. A simple style will fit well with many different home or office styles. Easy to set up: This product has an integrated design that doesn’t require tools or assembly. Just put it on the desk, and you’re done putting it together.

  • Use for Safety
  • Well-made and made to last
  • Both worldwide and adaptable
  • Plexiglass Blocks the Back Light of the keyboard.

Editors Rating



Testing reveals that the ZEAYIFA Clear Acrylic Monitor Stand performs well and looks precisely as depicted. It’s constructed from sturdy, thick, clear plastic. Since the plastic is so transparent, I can see the monitor screen behind it.

Where the edge is on the screen, there is only one line (and I have two more monitors, so I rarely use the little laptop monitor anyway – but when I do, it is no problem.) These have a “cool” appearance to them. The sides are unexpectedly attractive; they resemble clear ice. I purchased two 20″ ones to cover the keyboards on my laptops.

ZEAYIFA Clear Acrylic 1

They are sufficiently wide to accommodate the cords that protrude from the outside of the laptop without pressing against the ports. Additionally, it features a great rubber bottom piece that prevents it from moving around on the desk.

You remove the rubber items. The top and bottom plastic films should be removed. After that, reattach the rubber components. A previous reviewer claimed they struggled to remove the plastic covering. The coating on one of mine immediately peeled off.

On the other hand, it did try to stick. Nevertheless, I worked very slowly and cautiously. When it began to tear, I stopped and used my fingertip to bring the snipped portion back into line with the rest of the piece. In the end, I also worked from the opposing side. Although somewhat annoying, it was entirely worthwhile.

I can understand what the man was saying, but even if you get one where the film sticks, you CAN get it off if you are persistent. And it’s completely worthwhile because the item is manufactured incredibly well, looks fantastic (just like the photo), and DOES WORK! When I didn’t perform a system diagnostic.

There were no longer any “system diagnostics complete” messages on my screen (Kitty did.) Oh, and the use of the mouse isn’t bad, either. It’s simple to reach over and use the mouse because I’ve pushed the item a little forward (so it’s close to the screen but still above the keys). The tiny detour my hand must make to get around the edge is perfectly natural and causes me no discomfort.

Product Comparison

ZEAYIFA Clear AcrylicYou’ll get a clear Acrylic keyboard cover. It will keep your cat away from the keyboard and cats will walk around the keyboard instead of on it. They are willing to sleep lying against the cover and this has given you the ability to work faster and stay focused.

Height 4.1 inches you have enough room to type. Acrylic Keyboard Cover Protector Anti-Cat protects your keyboard from your cats, kids, or pets with this anti-cat keyboard cover for your desk, Not influence working when your cat is beside your computer. You can work with a cat at home.

Which serves as a cover for laptops and Monitor Stand as well The Keyboard cover fits 19” keyboards. ZEAYIFA Clear Acrylic is suggested because It’s a clear acrylic riser, very sturdy and well cut for perfect balance, Smooth rounded edges polished perfectly. Without cracking or bending It’s safer than glass.

Final Verdict

Excellent item! ZEAYIFA Clear Acrylic is sturdy and won’t move or harm your desk because it’s made of sturdy material and has anti-scratch rubber footpads. It holds up my chubby kitty. It has been proven that there is no haze. A protective film must be taken off of the top AND the bottom. It is completely transparent. A surprise cat toy was also included in it!

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